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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
40332 Base Distribution Epic New Should have EPIC: Management view content editing
40334 Base Distribution Epic New Should have EPIC: Module Overview Pages
40301 Base Distribution Epic New Should have EPIC: System Log Viewer / Audit
40320 Base Distribution Epic New Should have EPIC: User Interface style and implementation guide
41877 Base Distribution Task New Should have Explore: Find a way to include Neos / Flow news via RSS
59 Testing Feature New Should have Implement MVC pattern for TestRunner Robert Lemke Testing - 1.0.0
3585 TYPO3.Flow Major Feature New Should have Implement support for value objects No
41140 Base Distribution Task New Could have Let client redirect to login page if inactivity timeout was reached.
42408 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Story New Could have Locale Detection / Selection TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.1
41876 Base Distribution Task New Should have Make Neos UI work with Zurb Foundation (for example)
29476 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Provider rendering time and query count for request
41030 TYPO3.TypoScript Task New Should have TypoScript namespaces should have file scope, not global scope
7197 Blog App Story Accepted Should have As a blog editor I want to define my username and password when I launch the app the first time Robert Lemke
947 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Block new releases
938 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Install package from repository F3PR - Sprint #0
40897 TYPO3.SiteKickstarter Bug Accepted Should have New website template is broken
49385 Base Distribution Work Package Accepted Must have Release Flow 2.0 stable Robert Lemke Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1
41027 TYPO3.TypoScript Task Accepted Should have remove all code parts which are commented with deprecated Karsten Dambekalns
946 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Remove package release from listing
40313 Base Distribution Story Needs Feedback Should have As a Site Developer I can define the title and package key for a site
7 Testing Bug Under Review Should have Some core tests fail when executed in certain order Robert Lemke
2121 TYPO3.TYPO3CR Bug Resolved Must have (Almost) all objects in the TYPO3CR package should be prototype Karsten Dambekalns
41040 Base Distribution Task Resolved Must have (BREAKING) Rename page.headerData to page.head Tim Kandel Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1
410 TYPO3.Flow Major Feature Resolved Should have A simple and robust configuration system
8633 TYPO3.Neos Task Resolved Should have Add a hint that the UI is only wireframes Berit Hlubek
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