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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
25 Testing Bug Closed Should have Sometimes tests fail but the fail message is not displayed Karsten Dambekalns Actions
18 Testing Bug Closed Should have Test of package Log is not executed although it exists Sebastian Kurfuerst Actions
15 Testing Feature Closed Should have Test selector should contain the last selected test after run Sebastian Kurfuerst Actions
7 Testing Bug Under Review Should have Some core tests fail when executed in certain order Robert Lemke Actions
6 Testing Feature Closed Should have Tests have different results with different file systems Robert Lemke Actions
81 Testing Feature Resolved Must have Improve component manager separation in Base Test Case Karsten Dambekalns Actions
16 Testing Feature Closed Must have Add feature for running single tests Actions
39793 Server Team Task Closed Should have Set up dedicated server for integration sites Steffen Gebert Actions
83 PHPCR Bug Closed Must have phpCR tests need cleanup Karsten Dambekalns Actions
49 PHPCR Bug Closed Must have Fix comments and clean up code in phpCR tests Karsten Dambekalns Actions
98 Bug Closed Should have The old https certificate is used Karsten Dambekalns - 0.1 Actions
29803 Task Closed Must have Adjust Forge to Vendor Namespaces Actions
29891 Task Resolved Should have Solve cufont / Aloha problem - 2.0.0 Actions
947 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Block new releases Actions
946 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Remove package release from listing Actions
938 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Install package from repository F3PR - Sprint #0 Actions
44877 Design Team Feature Closed Should have Forge banners for Flow and Neos Actions
29903 Design Team Task Closed Should have T-Shirt design for special FLOW3 event at T3CON11 Philipp Randt Actions
29558 Design Team Feature Closed Should have Create visual for making the "Buy Ticket" link more prominent Robert Zierhofer Actions
29557 Design Team Task Closed Should have Prepare definite FLOW3 logo and color scheme Actions
29380 Design Team Task Closed Must have FLOW3 Banner for Slider Robert Lemke Actions
26282 Conference Management Bug Resolved Could have JQuery conflict in edit mode Rens Admiraal Conference Management - Call for Papers Actions
25775 Conference Management Task New Could have Create design and markup for 404 page Conference Management - Early Bird Tickets Actions
26774 Conference Management Story New Should have As a sponsor I can edit the content of my sponsor page Conference Management - Backend Editing Actions
26547 Conference Management Task Resolved Should have Replace TYPO3 logo with T3CON10 Logo Berit Hlubek Conference Management - Site Launch Actions
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