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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
29903 Design Team Task Closed Should have T-Shirt design for special FLOW3 event at T3CON11 Philipp Randt
514 Feature Closed Should have Add a property for projects: "Requires signed CLA" Michael Stucki Development
40325 Base Distribution Story Resolved Should have As a site integrator I can create, modify & delete domains of an imported site Mattias Nilsson
472 Feature Closed Should have Add CLA flag to user details Martin Brüggemann Development
41154 Base Distribution Task Resolved Should have As a content editor, I want the Page Tree to hide when I click outside the flyout Markus Goldbeck Content Editing
41153 Base Distribution Task Closed Should have Confirmation dialog: use the same style like in User Administration (see screenshot) Markus Goldbeck Content Editing
36840 TYPO3.Flow Task Accepted Should have Improve exception for wrong locales Karsten Dambekalns I18n No
15936 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Must have Gremlin: The running TYPO3 version (4.0-CVS) is higher than allowed (0.0.2) Karsten Dambekalns Extension Manager
15879 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have EM: Suggested extensions are not handled correctly Karsten Dambekalns Extension Manager
15635 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have Extension Manager: Charset of extension titles, authors etc. ist not converted to BE charset Karsten Dambekalns Extension Manager
8056 TYPO3.Flow Task Closed Should have Remove configuration option for mirrorMode Karsten Dambekalns Resource No
6974 TYPO3.SwiftMailer Task Resolved Should have Add Swift Mailer license to the Meta directory Karsten Dambekalns
3882 TYPO3.Flow Task Resolved Should have Document the Signal Slot features Karsten Dambekalns - Documentation -
3374 TYPO3.Flow Task Rejected Could have Support dedicated package versions per context Karsten Dambekalns Package No
1786 TYPO3.Flow Feature Closed Must have findByTag support for the cache frontend Karsten Dambekalns Cache
1634 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Should have Allow omitting the @reference annotation for object properties Karsten Dambekalns Persistence
1543 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Must have Support 1-1 object references Karsten Dambekalns Persistence
1523 TYPO3.Flow Task Resolved Should have Rename Reflection classes Karsten Dambekalns Reflection
1456 TYPO3.Flow Bug Resolved Should have Empty array causes PDO exception if not documented as @reference Karsten Dambekalns Persistence
1235 TYPO3.Flow Feature Closed Should have Check if mod_rewrite is enabled Karsten Dambekalns
764 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Could have Implement tagging support for Memcache backend Karsten Dambekalns Cache
477 TYPO3.Flow Task Resolved Should have Globally adjust copyright notice Karsten Dambekalns
426 Bug Rejected Could have Content is (almost) completely invisible in IE6 Karsten Dambekalns HTML / CSS
371 Testing Feature Resolved Should have Improve speed and memory usage of unit test Karsten Dambekalns
345 TYPO3.Flow Major Feature Closed Should have An initial implementation of the Resource Manager Karsten Dambekalns Resource
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