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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
935 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Create new package Package Manager F3PR - Sprint #0
936 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Create package meta data Package Manager F3PR - Sprint #0
939 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Switch between package versions Package Manager F3PR - Sprint #0
945 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Register package key Package Repository
43190 TYPO3.Flow Bug Accepted Should have Misleading exception message for incompatible database structure Karsten Dambekalns Persistence TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.0.1 No
36800 TYPO3.Flow Task Accepted Should have Streamline Resource object API Robert Lemke Resource No
38863 Task Accepted Should have Move FLOW3 Site to TYPO3 server infrastructure Robert Lemke Server Administration - 2012 August Release
39806 TYPO3.Neos Task Accepted Should have Refactor user management to use central domain service Robert Lemke Services Base Distribution - Sprint February 2013
40313 Base Distribution Story Needs Feedback Should have As a Site Developer I can define the title and package key for a site
3312 TYPO3.Flow Feature Needs Feedback Should have Allow for easy logging by annotations Robert Lemke Log
2817 TYPO3.Flow Feature Needs Feedback Should have Provide safeguard for preventing multiple submits of a form MVC No
44913 Base Distribution Story On Hold Should have RESTful NodeController for easy comment creation Content Management
7 Testing Bug Under Review Should have Some core tests fail when executed in certain order Robert Lemke
42601 TYPO3.Flow Bug Under Review Must have Content Security: QOM rewriting is omitted if used in certain cases in an Action Controller Robert Lemke Security TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.0.1 No
2121 TYPO3.TYPO3CR Bug Resolved Must have (Almost) all objects in the TYPO3CR package should be prototype Karsten Dambekalns
41040 Base Distribution Task Resolved Must have (BREAKING) Rename page.headerData to page.head Tim Kandel Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1
410 TYPO3.Flow Major Feature Resolved Should have A simple and robust configuration system
8633 TYPO3.Neos Task Resolved Should have Add a hint that the UI is only wireframes Berit Hlubek
10681 TYPO3.Neos Task Resolved Should have Add support for Accept headers Robert Lemke
6974 TYPO3.SwiftMailer Task Resolved Should have Add Swift Mailer license to the Meta directory Karsten Dambekalns
26283 Conference Management Task Resolved Must have Adjust layout and style to most recent design Berit Hlubek Conference Management - Site Launch
10438 TYPO3.Neos Task Resolved Should have Adjust tests to new namespace conventions Robert Lemke
7473 TYPO3.Neos Task Resolved Should have Adjust the dist configuration files Robert Lemke
3507 TYPO3.Flow Task Resolved Must have Apply new conventions for naming of Domain Models and Repositories Karsten Dambekalns TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 1.0 alpha 2
11044 Base Distribution Story Resolved Should have As Magarethe I want to add pages Base Distribution - Sprint 7
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