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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
41140 Base Distribution Task New Could have Let client redirect to login page if inactivity timeout was reached. Actions
126 Bug Resolved Should have Link color and bullets are undefined in right bar HTML / CSS - 1.0.0 Actions
42408 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Story New Could have Locale Detection / Selection TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 2.1 Actions
15181 TYPO3 Core Feature Closed Could have Make EM unit test aware Extension Manager Actions
41876 Base Distribution Task New Should have Make Neos UI work with Zurb Foundation (for example) Actions
12365 TYPO3.Flow Bug Rejected Must have mapAndValidate() and map() behave differently Property TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1 Actions
15237 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have Nesting of sections doesn`t seem to work Actions
36804 TYPO3.Flow Bug New Should have Orphaned entities within aggregates are not removed Persistence No Actions
5774 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Package Manager should clear all cache entries tagged with %PACKAGE% Package Actions
165 Feature Resolved Should have Page "Documentation" has no content yet Content - 1.0.0 Actions
3488 TYPO3.Flow Bug Resolved Must have Parameters of actions which have a name containing uppercase characters are not automatically registered MVC TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 1.0 alpha 1 Actions
29557 Design Team Task Closed Should have Prepare definite FLOW3 logo and color scheme Actions
41150 Base Distribution Task Closed Should have Prepare logos and other visuals for new name. Actions
2818 TYPO3.Flow Feature Closed Should have Provide safeguard for preventing multiple submits of a form MVC Actions
2817 TYPO3.Flow Feature Needs Feedback Should have Provide safeguard for preventing multiple submits of a form MVC No Actions
29476 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Provider rendering time and query count for request Actions
39791 TYPO3.Flow Bug New Must have Reflection data of old aspect is not removed Reflection TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 1.1.1 No Actions
945 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Register package key Package Repository Actions
942 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Release package Forge Actions
946 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Remove package release from listing Actions
76 TYPO3.Flow Bug Closed Should have Rename test methods, add @test annotation, extend base class Actions
13702 TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Task Resolved Should have Replace remaining uses of objectManager->create() with new and adjust tests accordingly TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1 Actions
44913 Base Distribution Story On Hold Should have RESTful NodeController for easy comment creation Content Management Actions
1265 Bug Closed Should have Right-click on issue list does not work anymore Development Actions
941 F3PR Story Accepted -- undefined -- Search for packages Frontend Actions
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