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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
316 Feature Closed Should have API documentation needs to be updated automatically Karsten Dambekalns Server Administration
171 Task Resolved Should have Point the wiki link to a FLOW3 page Karsten Dambekalns Content
166 Bug Resolved Should have Documentation: Content grows below footer line if images exist Karsten Dambekalns HTML / CSS
83 PHPCR Bug Closed Must have phpCR tests need cleanup Karsten Dambekalns
81 Testing Feature Resolved Must have Improve component manager separation in Base Test Case Karsten Dambekalns
49 PHPCR Bug Closed Must have Fix comments and clean up code in phpCR tests Karsten Dambekalns
25 Testing Bug Closed Should have Sometimes tests fail but the fail message is not displayed Karsten Dambekalns
17120 TYPO3 Core Bug Closed Should have Content is not cached and white page displayed with big content / PHP 5.2.1 Dmitry Dulepov Content Rendering
41900 TYPO3.Flow Feature Accepted Should have Check for duplicate PSR-0 autoload namespaces Christian Jul Jensen Package No
442 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Should have Cache Backend for Memcached Christian Jul Jensen Cache
90 TYPO3.Flow Feature Closed Could have Add PHP dependency support Christian Jul Jensen Package No
2556 TYPO3.Flow Task Resolved Should have Use only mock objects instead of the real object manager / factory in Routing tests Bastian Waidelich MVC
1278 TYPO3.Flow Bug Resolved Must have Router matches static route parts even on substrings Bastian Waidelich MVC
40316 Base Distribution Story Postponed Must have As a content editor, I don't want anybody else to see the content of my personal workspace Andreas Förthner Administration
5659 TYPO3.Flow Major Feature Resolved Must have Implement content security Andreas Förthner Security
5442 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Destroy session / logout user on deleting an account Andreas Förthner Security
879 TYPO3.Flow Bug Closed Could have setValidator et al. are misleading method names Andreas Förthner MVC
71 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Should have Add Validators for generic base types Andreas Förthner Validation
70 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Should have Implement a Validator Resolver Andreas Förthner Validation
69 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Should have Add validation to the PropertyMapper Andreas Förthner Property
68 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Must have Add validateProperty() to the Validator interface Andreas Förthner Validation
67 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Should have Refine the generic "Error" class Andreas Förthner Error
66 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Should have Add the feature "Mapping Results" to the Property Mapper Andreas Förthner Property
65 TYPO3.Flow Feature Resolved Should have Move "Validation" to its own subpackage Andreas Förthner Validation
44913 Base Distribution Story On Hold Should have RESTful NodeController for easy comment creation Content Management
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