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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
25775 Conference Management Task New Could have Create design and markup for 404 page Conference Management - Early Bird Tickets
26773 Conference Management Story New Must have As a conference organizer I can edit content of the website Conference Management - Backend Editing
26774 Conference Management Story New Should have As a sponsor I can edit the content of my sponsor page Conference Management - Backend Editing
40896 Base Distribution Task New Should have Fix layout in "create account" setup step Setup Base Distribution - Sprint 10 (1.0 TP1)
39791 TYPO3.Flow Bug New Must have Reflection data of old aspect is not removed Reflection TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution - 1.1.1 No
40336 Base Distribution Story New Could have As a Site Integrator I want to see a list of rendering issues Content Rendering Base Distribution - 1.0 beta 1
1245 DEV3 Bug New Must have TypoScript Editor / Mac: Unsupported Class Version Error Sebastian Böttger TYPO3 4.x TypoScript Editor
2974 TYPO3.Flow Bug New Must have Aspect / Proxy Cache is not emptied automatically if an interface used for introduction was modified Robert Lemke AOP
48435 Coordination Group Topic New Should have Implement new team structure Robert Lemke Organisational
48344 Coordination Group Task New Should have Define possible access rights and entitlements for Active Contributors Christian Müller Community
5442 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Destroy session / logout user on deleting an account Andreas Förthner Security
1785 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Must have Automatic garbage collection for expired cache entries Cache
3153 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Support of action based filter rules defined by annotation. MVC
3580 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Must have Create an administration panel for the FLOW3 Development context MVC
3585 TYPO3.Flow Major Feature New Should have Implement support for value objects No
3587 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Could have Enforce validation rules for value objects already in constructor Validation
3755 TYPO3.Flow Task New Must have Concurrency stress testing and cache mechanism - Testing -
5774 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Package Manager should clear all cache entries tagged with %PACKAGE% Package
29476 TYPO3.Flow Feature New Should have Provider rendering time and query count for request
36804 TYPO3.Flow Bug New Should have Orphaned entities within aggregates are not removed Persistence No
39790 TYPO3.Kickstart Feature New Should have Allow forward slashes where backslashes need to be specified
40294 Base Distribution Epic New Should have EPIC: Inline Editing Support (Links, Content Types, Plugin)
40297 Base Distribution Epic New Must have EPIC: Basic Page Tree Operations
40298 Base Distribution Epic New Should have EPIC: Design / Icons
40299 Base Distribution Epic New Must have EPIC: Content Security (Workspaces)
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