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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
2501 Exiftool Bug New Should have using fielda // fieldb // fieldc Martin Holtz
2487 DR Wiki - TYPO3 Wiki Bug Accepted Should have BE functions nor working
2470 Imagemap Wizard Feature Accepted Could have UI Cleanup (reminder) Tolleiv Nietsch Imagemap Wizard - Version 1.0
2467 mm_forum Feature Accepted Must have Mehrere Moderatoren-Gruppen / Multiple Moderator-Groups Cronjobs mm_forum - 1.10.0
2461 rgnewsce Bug Accepted Should have rgnewsce "kills" multipage single view for normal tt_news
2457 Exiftool Bug Accepted Should have using shipped with exiftool should be configurable Martin Holtz
2456 Exiftool Bug Accepted Must have debugging capabilities (devlog) Martin Holtz
2423 CSS styled Filelinks Bug New Should have 'There are 5 files' not localized Juraj Sulek
2415 Feature New Should have PDF Documentation Server Administration
2403 DAM Lightbox Feature Accepted Should have Make it work with perfectlightbox Torsten Schrade
2393 Peimic's RealURL Configuration Feature New Should have Move multiple domain configuration to EM config Michael Cannon Request Peimic's RealURL Configuration - 1.1.0
2389 tt_news cache expires Feature Accepted Should have What to do until beta
2358 rgnewsce Bug Accepted Should have forceFirstImageIsPreview = 1 do not work in 'Extended News' type Krystian Szymukowicz rgnewsce - 0.2.0
2338 mh_branchenbuch Bug New Must have Syntaxfehler in SQL-Anweisung mh_branchenbuch - 1.0.0
2336 Search engine (mnogosearch) Feature New Could have Add explanation about StripAccents to the manual
2327 Search Engine Optimization Feature New Must have New feature for sitemap and keywords
2326 Search Engine Optimization Bug New Should have Title in reverse order
2322 YAML Feature New Should have Possibility to track filename and line number of a specific configuration setting Robert Lemke
2316 Universal page browser Bug New Must have Small copy-paste error in postInit hook Dmitry Dulepov
2315 Imagemap Wizard Bug Accepted Should have multiple images break preview Tolleiv Nietsch Imagemap Wizard - Version 1.0
2289 Exiftool Feature Accepted Should have Extension is not available in TER Martin Holtz
2279 contagged Bug Accepted Must have The link ‘return to page ‘[title]’, doesn't link back to a news article. Jochen Rau
2274 Mailform Bug Needs Feedback Should have UTF-8 E-Mails are not properly displayed Sebastian Winterhalder Bugs Mailform - Mailform 0.9 Beta
2267 DR Wiki - TYPO3 Wiki Major Feature Accepted Must have Templates mit Parametern Denis Royer Wiki Rendering DR Wiki - TYPO3 Wiki - dr_wiki 1.x
2245 Tag Pack Bug Accepted Should have Remove translations from extension Jo Hasenau
(8151-8175/8402) Per page: 25, 50, 100, 200

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