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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
65338 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressFeatureNewMust haveTYPO3 6.2/7.x compatibilityJosef Glatz
30473 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressFeatureNewShould havesuggestions
30472 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressFeatureNewShould haveHints
30471 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressBugNewShould haveWhitespaces
4439 Frontend news submitterBugNewCould haveMake DB-link between fe_user and "author"Toni MilovanDatabase
4438 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: set required fieldsToni MilovanFE Fields
4437 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveDesign: change category selectionToni MilovanCategory selection
4435 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: add "file upload"Toni MilovanFE Fields
4434 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: add "keywords" fieldToni MilovanFE Fields
67925 Responsive ImagesFeatureNewShould haveintegrate t3colorbox
43093 1-Click-LoginBugNewShould haveoneclicklogin 0.4.0 doesn't work in TYPO 4.5.x
3008 4-3-feature-exampleTaskNewShould haveIs it ok to integrate 'old' existing features like the usage of devLog?
3007 4-3-feature-exampleMajor FeatureNewShould haveWill we also integrate the new MVC framework?
44414 404 HandlerSupportNewShould haveLogging 404 Errors
11063 404 Page not found handlingFeatureNewCould haveLocalize error messages
73178 A Better Tag CloudBugNewShould haveCompatibility with typo3 7.6.2/php 7.0.3
61673 A Better Tag CloudBugNewCould haveExclude words
37404 A Better Tag CloudFeatureNewShould haveAbility to work with relationspi1
35140 A Better Tag CloudBugNewShould haveAdd Flash tag cloud mode
31755 A Better Tag CloudFeatureNewCould haveURLs to resultlist (pi2) without PIDs (only tags) for usable SEO resultsMartin Terberall
11294 A Better Tag CloudMajor FeatureNewMust havesorting by Random
5294 A Better Tag CloudFeatureNewCould haveMake size of single tags configurable
5030 A Better Tag CloudFeatureNewCould haveMove sorting and capping properties to their own tab in pi1 FlexFormpi12.0.0
5025 A Better Tag CloudTaskNewShould havePHP5-ize all the codeall2.0.0
5024 A Better Tag CloudTaskNewShould haveClean up hook APIpi12.0.0

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