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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
30471 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressBugNewShould haveWhitespaces
4439 Frontend news submitterBugNewCould haveMake DB-link between fe_user and "author"Toni MilovanDatabase
4438 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: set required fieldsToni MilovanFE Fields
4437 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveDesign: change category selectionToni MilovanCategory selection
4435 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: add "file upload"Toni MilovanFE Fields
4434 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: add "keywords" fieldToni MilovanFE Fields
43093 1-Click-LoginBugNewShould haveoneclicklogin 0.4.0 doesn't work in TYPO 4.5.x
73178 A Better Tag CloudBugNewShould haveCompatibility with typo3 7.6.2/php 7.0.3
61673 A Better Tag CloudBugNewCould haveExclude words
35140 A Better Tag CloudBugNewShould haveAdd Flash tag cloud mode
63951 A-Z Keyword ListBugAcceptedMust haveRaise PHP dependency to at least 5.5Andreas Beutel
46136 A-Z Keyword ListBugUnder ReviewMust haveMultilang SupportAndreas Beutel
35914 Accessibility GlossaryBugNeeds FeedbackMust haveParagraph with international characters not renderedRonny Vorpahl
73232 ad: LESSBugNewShould have#1: PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
60877 ad: LESSBugNewMust haveAvoid compiling less files not being modified of uncached pages
60977 Additional TCA FormsBugNewShould haveDont create DAM-Table if there is no DAM installed
31504 Address ManagementBugNewMust haveupdate-script does not work (anymore?) with TYPO3 4.5.7 (or earlier)
6457 Address ManagementBugNewMust haveDISTINCT should not be used as a function
55665 Address visualization with Google Maps and tt_addressBugNeeds FeedbackShould have$content_id doesn't respect language localisationstefan schreck
75975 AdminerBugNewShould haveLot off warnings with displayErrors enabledNo
66527 AdminerBugIn ProgressShould haveCSS font-family 'FontAwesome' not defined in adminer.cssNo
65523 AdminerBugAcceptedShould haveAllow to resize the navigation frameNo
47033 AdminerBugNeeds Feedback-- undefined --No icons when TYPO3 is located in a subfolderNo
66016 Advanced Banner ManagementBugNewShould havePlacements does not work when banner has multiple placements selected1.5.4
45568 Advanced Banner ManagementBugNewMust haveUse own Categories as placement does not work Followup

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