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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Category Target version Has patch
30471 Direct Mail Salutation based on tt_addressBugNewShould haveWhitespaces
4439 Frontend news submitterBugNewCould haveMake DB-link between fe_user and "author"Toni MilovanDatabase
4438 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: set required fieldsToni MilovanFE Fields
4437 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveDesign: change category selectionToni MilovanCategory selection
4435 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: add "file upload"Toni MilovanFE Fields
4434 Frontend news submitterBugNewShould haveFeature: add "keywords" fieldToni MilovanFE Fields
43093 1-Click-LoginBugNewShould haveoneclicklogin 0.4.0 doesn't work in TYPO 4.5.x
61673 A Better Tag CloudBugNewCould haveExclude words
35140 A Better Tag CloudBugNewShould haveAdd Flash tag cloud mode
63951 A-Z Keyword ListBugAcceptedMust haveRaise PHP dependency to at least 5.5Andreas Beutel
46136 A-Z Keyword ListBugUnder ReviewMust haveMultilang SupportAndreas Beutel
35914 Accessibility GlossaryBugNeeds FeedbackMust haveParagraph with international characters not renderedRonny Vorpahl
60877 ad: LESSBugNewMust haveAvoid compiling less files not being modified of uncached pages
60977 Additional TCA FormsBugNewShould haveDont create DAM-Table if there is no DAM installed
31504 Address ManagementBugNewMust haveupdate-script does not work (anymore?) with TYPO3 4.5.7 (or earlier)
6457 Address ManagementBugNewMust haveDISTINCT should not be used as a function
56920 Address visualization with Google Maps and tt_addressBugNewMust haveTYPO3 6.2.x: Fatal Error in Frontend
55665 Address visualization with Google Maps and tt_addressBugNewShould have$content_id doesn't respect language localisationThomas Scheibitz
54332 Address visualization with Google Maps and tt_addressBugNewShould haveSelect Fields
53602 Address visualization with Google Maps and tt_addressBugNewShould havett_address fieldsThomas Scheibitz
47033 AdminerBugAcceptedWon't have this timeNo icons when TYPO3 is located in a subfolderNo
45568 Advanced Banner ManagementBugNewMust haveUse own Categories as placement does not work Followup
27807 Advanced Banner ManagementBugNeeds FeedbackMust haveTarget window - IE and Opera are opening flash file in the new window.Wolfgang Becker
64179 Advanced Frontend EditingBugNewMust haveImages Causing Extension to Enable Metadata Fields in TYPO3 6.2Editing Form
62577 Advanced Frontend EditingBugNewShould have"No login found" when using a custom BE cookie name

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