Feature #86016

Updated by Michael Stucki 11 months ago

We plan to shut down the outdated Mailman mailing list solution. The procedure to replace public mailing lists has been discussed over at Discourse:
- https://decisions.typo3.org/t/replace-mailinglists-newsgroups-and-forum-with-discourse/190/11
- https://talk.typo3.org/t/welcome-to-talk-typo3-org/8

What is currently missing is:

is a replacement for the typo3-announce mailing list. Only a few people can post here, meanwhile many users are subscribed to this list
# a replacement
for the private Security Team mailing list receiving updates about TYPO3 core and extensions.

The following suggestions need to be discussed:


Replace typo3-announce with a Discourse forum
* - Use Google Groups / Mailchimp / <any other external service>
* Move security team mailing list to the Association mailing list server (at least temporarily?)
- ...



GPG signing of outgoing mails should still be possible.