Apache Solr for TYPO3 CMS: EXT:solr We are currently transitioning to Github

Added by Olivier Dobberkau 1 day ago

UPDATE: We are currently transitioning to Github

Please open any new issues and PRs on GitHub. The forge repository and the bug tracker are only kept active so that we can close open issues that currently have patches. Once that is done we will move all other issues to GitHub.


Apache Solr for TYPO3 CMS: Apache Solr for TYPO3 v3.0.1 released

Added by Olivier Dobberkau 1 day ago

We're happy to announce the release of Apache Solr for TYPO3 (EXT:solr) version 3.0.1. This release is a maintenance release.

In this release we are delivering about 75 changes including 55 bug fixes. This also marks the last release of the 3.0.x branch and the last version to support TYPO3 4.5. The next release will be version 3.1 and will focus on optimized TYPO3 6.2+ support.
Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixes related to editing synonyms
  • Fixed handling of expiration time/endtime of documents
  • Use GitHub for resource downloads during installation
  • Fallback to Apache archive servers when the version of Tomcat/Solr is not available on the mirrors anymore
  • Handling of invisible parents of translated records
  • Fixed rendering hierarchical facets in multi-lang setups


We try to avoid making changes to the Solr schema and solrconfig files for patch level release like this. However, this is not always possible. We had to make changes to the schema this time. Please check the status report to see whether you have to update your Solr configuration.

Thanks to all the contributors without whom this release would not have been possible. Thank you all! (no particular order)

Andreas Allacher
Sascha Egerer
Witali Rott
Alexander Stehlik
Andreas Wolf
Hans Höchtl
Jigal van Hemert
Peter Kraume
Sascha Nowak
Stefan Neufeind
Maxime Lafontaine
Steffen Müller
Phuong Doan
Frank Nägler
Steffen Ritter
Heiko Hardt
Stefan Galinski
Marc Bastian Heinrichs
Markus Friedrich

Multicolumn for the page module: multicolumn reanimated!

Added by Nicole Cordes 10 days ago

As the extension is used in multiple projects CPS-IT GmbH ( reanimated the extension and offers a 6.2 compatible version now!

commerce: Migration of repository to github

Added by Sebastian Fischer 13 days ago

After discussing a long time about where to maintaine the code in future we migrated the repository to github today.

Special Thanks go to Peter Niederlag with helping us makeing this possible.

In Future the repository can be found at

phpMyAdmin: Stable release of EXT:phpMyadmin 5.0.0

Added by Andreas Beutel 17 days ago

This release of EXT:phpMyAdmin for TYPO3 is a feature release with some major changes. It provides the latest stable 4.4.x release (4.4.11) of phpMyAdmin.

New Features

  • Compatibility for TYPO3 6.2-LTS up to TYPO3 7.3
  • Support of mysql socket connections if configured in TYPO3
  • New icon for better visual integration in 7.x
  • Localization moved to XLIFF format


  • Switch to mysqli for database connection
  • Drop unsupported configuration pMA directives
  • Code cleanup in backend module

commerce: New Tag 3.0.1 to be released

Added by Sebastian Fischer about 1 month ago

After some month of development today we created the tag 3.0.0. Please test this tag. All comments and bugs found until end of july will go into a 3.0.1 which will be released early august.

To have a well working version it would be realy great to have a lot of implementations. So please take some time and this version a shot on your development systems.

FAL test driver: Update extension to version 1.0.3

Added by Michael Oehlhof about 1 month ago

New functions are added to the DriverInterface with the braking patch 65305.

External Import: Version 2.5.0 and some vague roadmap

Added by Francois Suter about 1 month ago

The latest version of External Import (2.5.0) contains several bug fixes related to MM relations. A few bugs happened when External Import handled the MM relations itself, which happens in some specific cases (otherwise the work is delegated to the TYPO3 Core Engine). In particular properties like "MM_insert_fields" and "MM_match_fields" were not considered.

This version also contains a new hook which makes it possible to manipulate connector parameters on the fly, before the data is actually imported. Please refer to the manual for more details: (first hook in the list).

There will most certainly be one or more bug fix releases in the 2.5 branch. I also plan to start working on the 3.x branch, where the first step would be to drop support for TYPO3 CMS 4.5 and move all classes to namespaces, and any other relevant code cleanup. The goal is that version 3.0.0 should be compatible with both TYPO3 CMS 6.2 and 7 LTS. Next would come a 3.1.0 version, which would strictly require TYPO3 CMS 7+. I'm not sure that this scenario is realistic as the backend module is currently completely broken with TYPO3 CMS 7 and I don't know much effort is required to be compatible with both 6.2 and 7.x. Maybe version 3.0.0 will jump straight for 7 LTS.

How and when that happens is however totally uncertain. Currently it mostly depends on what I feel like doing in my free time. I have thought about seeking some sponsorship, but since it won't help me have more free time in my current situation, it's not worth pursuing this idea for now.

The bottom line is that I can't guarantee that External Import will be compatible with TYPO3 CMS 7 by the time it reaches LTS.

FAL test driver: Update extension to version 1.0.2

Added by Michael Oehlhof about 1 month ago

These functions were added:
replaceFile, moveFileWithinStorage, copyFileWithinStorage, getFileContents, setFileContents, getFileForLocalProcessing and dumpFileContents

And a bug in addFile was fixed.

phpMyAdmin: Beta release of phpMyAdmin for TYPO3 7.x (1 comment)

Added by Andreas Beutel 2 months ago

Latest beta release of phpMyAdmin 5.0.0 extension for TYPO3 comes with support for 6.2-LTS & 7.2) -

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