Documentation: Templating Tutorial updated

Added by Francois Suter 16 days ago

The Templating Tutorial (Basics) is now up to date again.

More than refreshed, it was really refactored. This tutorial was accompanied by files delivered via the extension called "doc_tut_templating". I have now made this extension into a distribution, which makes it possible to deliver not only the files but also a basic page tree with a few content elements. This greatly simplifies the early steps of the tutorial, which were redundant with the Editors Tutorial.

I have reworked a lot of the content, which was quite verbose. It is now often shorter and more to the point. I removed the chapter about "optionSplit", which was confusing, and referred readers to the TypoScript Reference instead.

This ended up being a lot of work and this time I used all the time I had planned in this budget milestone.

Documentation: TypoScript in 45 Minutes Tutorial updated

Added by Francois Suter about 1 month ago

I am pleased to report that I have finished updating the TypoScript in 45 Minutes Tutorial for TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS.

Actually this was much more than an update. I have rewritten a sizeable part of the manual to improve the quality of the language used, simplify some explanations and throw out some excessively technical and confusing insights into more advanced topics.

I also added a bit of material, in particular a presentation of the TypoScript function "getText", as I consider it to be quite fundamental in the every day usage of TypoScript.

All in all this took longer than for the other tutorials I already worked on, but I still finished my work in less time than expected, thus continuing on a pretty good track.

This corresponds to Milestone 3 of my budget application (see

powermail: Powermail 3.0 is out

Added by Alex Kellner about 1 month ago

What's new in Powermail 3.0?

  • General update for TYPO3 7.6 and 8.x
  • Table name correction from plural to singular (..mails => ..mail, ..fields => ..field)
    • Updated ext_tables.sql
    • Converter script to convert old tablenames to new tablenames
      • Automaticly on extension installation
      • Start manually from extension manager
  • Add bootstrap
    • Frontend
      • Add static template to add bootstrap classes to forms and fields
      • Add constant to load bootstrap.css from powermail folder
      • Update Layouts, Templates, Partials (Pi1 and Pi2)
    • Backend
      • Update modules with new markup
  • Backend
    • PluginInformation refactoring
    • Remove old form converter (converted 1.x to 2.x forms)
    • Remove unneeded overview actions
    • Enable table garbage collector scheduler tasks per default
  • General
    • Add DataProcessors to change mail object before it's persisted or used in mails
    • Own spamshield methods could be registered via TypoScript now
    • Refactoring of upload function
    • Add signals to ValidationDataAttributeViewHelper, PrefillFieldViewHelper and PrefillMultiFieldViewHelper
    • Remove outdated parts of code (PHP, Templates)
    • Some code cleanup
    • Manual update

Cookie Control: Cookie Control Ownership chnaged

Added by Siva Prasad about 1 month ago

Hi All,

FYI , Cookie control extension ownership has been changed . If you have any quires or issues, you guys can report directly in forge or you guys can contact us directly . Our email address is / Or


Documentation: Editors Tutorial updated

Added by Francois Suter 2 months ago

It is the Editor's Tutorial turn to be fully updated for TYPO3 CMS 7 LTS. I have improved the text and updated all screenshots. It is now a bit longer than before, with added material that was moved from the Getting Started Tutorial. It is still very much focused on tasks that a basic editor would have to perform, with some information targeted at more advanced editors, like managing frontend users and pages requesting a login.

Again I was pleasantly surprised to be able to achieve this work in less time than I thought. Anyway if I reach all my milestones earlier, I will work on other manuals. There's plenty of work to do for the documentation.

Shop System: Github

Added by Franz Holzinger 3 months ago

The tt_products Repository has been copied to the Github at .
From now on only the tt_products code at Github will be supported.

Yet another Google search: Project moved to github

Added by Roderick Braun 3 months ago

General data display: Project moved to github

Added by Roderick Braun 3 months ago

Rating AX: Rating AX moving to github

Added by Thomas Hucke 3 months ago

Service svn for TYPO3 extensions is ending in may 2016.

The development of Rating AX will be continued on github.
Please now use this repository:

Operations: Operations move to github

Added by Karsten Nowak (undkonsorten) 3 months ago

Service svn for TYPO3 extensions is ending in may 2016.

The development of operations will be continued on github. Please now use this repository:

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