TEQneers Slideshow: This project is no more under maintenance (1 comment)

Added by TEQneers GmbH & Co. KG 11 days ago

This project is no more under maintenance, please choose an other slideshow.

FAL test driver: Update extension to version 1.0.1 (3 comments)

Added by Michael Oehlhof 26 days ago

I have implemented the functions deleteFile and deleteFolder, aded some log info for not implemented parameters and changed the prefix for the files and folders.

Faceted Search: ke_search is compatible with TYPO3 7 (30 comments)

Added by Christian Buelter about 1 month ago

Version 1.9.0 of ke_search is now compatible with TYPO3 version 7 (testet with 7.1).

The API calls and styles for the backend module have been adjusted.

Furthermore some changes to the default template (slightly) and default css have been made in order to make the appearance more suitable to wide range of websites out of the box.

Newsletter: Newsletter 2.2.3 (29 comments)

Added by Adrien Crivelli 4 months ago

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Newsletter 2.2.3 (from GitHub or TER).

This is a very minor version with only a small fixto ensure that the test button is always visible.

See complete list of change on GitHub.

Important announcement

News will not be posted here anymore. From now on all release announcements will be done directly and only via GitHub. We strongly suggest to follow the release feed on GitHub, if you are interested in future versions.

Also we encourage you to join our Gitter chat room to let your voice be heard.

Newsletter: Newsletter 2.2.2 (24 comments)

Added by Adrien Crivelli 4 months ago

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Newsletter 2.2.2 (from GitHub or TER).

This is a minor version with only a fix for crash when using Scheduler.

See complete list of change on GitHub.

TYPO3.Surf: Surf Team Meeting January 15th, 2015 (11 comments)

Added by Helmut Hummel 4 months ago

Attendees: Martin Kutschker, Rens Admiraal, Tobias Liebig, Karsten Dambekalns, Christopher Hlubek, Helmut Hummel

A release on the horizon

Main topic of this meeting was to get a first official release of TYPO3 Surf out.
In the end we all agreed to tag a version 0.9 as soon as possible and after that continue to work on bigger refactoring to clean up the public API which potentially breaks existing deployment definitions.

By doing so, current users can set 0.9.* as version requirements for their Surf installation so that they will not be bothered by such breaking changes.

We identified the following minimum requirements for a 0.9.0 release:

  • Creating a base distribution for Surf to ease the installation
    • TODOs for that:
      • Create a git repo on infrastructure, preferably Surf/Distributions/Base -> Karsten takes care
      • Create a Gerrit project -> Karsten takes care
      • Get the documentation automatically rendered on -> Karsten will contact Martin Bless
      • Improve documentation with a few more practical examples (deployment definitions), specifically explain the difference between using an Application object which bundles deployment setps for this application and explicitly adding all deployment steps in the deployment definition
  • Get a few critical bugs fixed and go through open Gerrit changes to see if there are some small non breaking changes ready to get into it.

After that we can just create a tag to get it out.

Cleanup, refactor, improve for the 1.0 release

We also talked about some ideas what we consider to be necessary for a 1.0 release. Main point was to go through the public API and fix inconsistencies and prepare the architecture to be able to bundle everything as a phar, which would vastly improve usage and installation of Surf.

For that some technical things need to be tackled like dealing with Flow cache files, finding deployment definitions and finding a concept to then still be able to extend the functionality of the phar bundle.

To better promote the product we plan to add a product page on, so that it becomes more visible as individual product. Helmut will get in touch with Boris Hinzer to find an appropriate place for that page.

How to proceed

Everybody seemed to be happy to see some action in the project. The expectation that change requests in Gerrit will not stay there "forever" dramatically improved the motivation to push more changes or review some of them. If everybody can free a small amount of time, we could achieve a lot during the next months.

In general we agreed to add more tests and being more strict by requiring test coverage for pending changes, so that we can be more confident to not break things during refactoring and contributions.

The issue list on forge will be cleaned up gradually and target versions will be assigned to tickets, so that we can get a better overview of the missing work to be done for the next and future releases.


Martin Kutschker now is a team member, thus will get +2 permissions on Gerrit. Welcome Masi!
Helmut was asked to take the leadership role for the project and he humbly accepted his new role in the team.
Everybody also subscribed to the Slack channel #typo3-surf where we will quickly discuss things if needed.

Newsletter: Newsletter 2.2.1 (21 comments)

Added by Adrien Crivelli 5 months ago

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Newsletter 2.2.1 (from GitHub or TER).

This is a minor version bringing a few improvements:

  • Default planned time is current time
  • Scheduler shows email count including newsletter being sent
  • Improve visual layout (mostly for 6.2 and German support)

See complete list of change on GitHub.

TocToc Comments - AJAX Social Network Components: Make a review with toctoc_comments 7.0 under TYPO3 7 :-) (20 comments)

Added by Gisèle Wendl 5 months ago

Would you like your users to leave reviews like on Amazon and Tripadvisor - on the products or services presented on your website?
And do this with a TYPO3-extension working for TYPO3 4.3 to 7.0?

With toctoc_comments 7.0, website owners can let make the users reviews on presented products, services or on any kind of content.
It works similar to make a review on a book on Amazon or a restaurant review on Tripadvisor.
Review-functionality is an enhancement for the user experience – we see it not only on Amazon and on Tripadvisor.

You find the full news in our news-article on reviews

You can test the reviews here by making a review of your last restaurant visit on

A word from the development section ... :

I'm developer of toctoc_comments, my name is Gisele Wendl, I'm living in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

About 2 years ago I started to work on a OpenSource-project. I started with the AJAX social network components.

But – unhappily - no industry or government does sponsor AJAX Social Network Components for TYPO3.
I need help: Donations and jobs coming from the TYPO3 community, to be able continue support and development of toctoc_comments.

For 2015: My Christmas wish is to find more cooperation with TYPO3 association members running customer projects using AJAX social network components.
More integrators willing to support my work with collaboration.
I give a special credit and invitation to my Swiss colleagues.

If you do not need me personally in your project, but use and like the extension, I invite you to make a small donation over my PayPal account; you can find it on

Many thanks - wish you all an excellent 2015

Yet another Google search: Extension is no longer functional (30 comments)

Added by Roderick Braun 5 months ago

The free "Google Web Search API" is no longer available and the follower "Google Custom Search API" is no longer a free service.

FAL sftp Driver: FAL SFTP Bugfixes are out (fal_sftp 0.2.7 beta) (20 comments)

Added by Oliver Eglseder 6 months ago

New Release fal_sftp 0.2.7 beta

Today i released a new version of the fal_sftp driver. The current Version is now 0.2.7 beta.
I want to thank Jost Baron twice for his feedback.

Please keep in mind that there is a serious bugfix from 0.2.5 to 0.2.6. If you still use 0.2.5 then UPDATE NOW!


I plan to put some more time into this driver's development starting 22.12.2014 and ending 06.01.2015.
If you have feature requests, patches, bug reports or anything else concerning this driver, then please submit it in the issue section.
The next release will be tagged with 1.0.0 stable. I'll try to implement missing methods (remove TODOs) and focus on performance. Any help concerning those topics is welcome.

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