commerce: New Tag 3.0.1 to be released

Added by Sebastian Fischer 6 days ago

After some month of development today we created the tag 3.0.0. Please test this tag. All comments and bugs found until end of july will go into a 3.0.1 which will be released early august.

To have a well working version it would be realy great to have a lot of implementations. So please take some time and this version a shot on your development systems.

FAL test driver: Update extension to version 1.0.3

Added by Michael Oehlhof 9 days ago

New functions are added to the DriverInterface with the braking patch 65305.

External Import: Version 2.5.0 and some vague roadmap

Added by Francois Suter 21 days ago

The latest version of External Import (2.5.0) contains several bug fixes related to MM relations. A few bugs happened when External Import handled the MM relations itself, which happens in some specific cases (otherwise the work is delegated to the TYPO3 Core Engine). In particular properties like "MM_insert_fields" and "MM_match_fields" were not considered.

This version also contains a new hook which makes it possible to manipulate connector parameters on the fly, before the data is actually imported. Please refer to the manual for more details: (first hook in the list).

There will most certainly be one or more bug fix releases in the 2.5 branch. I also plan to start working on the 3.x branch, where the first step would be to drop support for TYPO3 CMS 4.5 and move all classes to namespaces, and any other relevant code cleanup. The goal is that version 3.0.0 should be compatible with both TYPO3 CMS 6.2 and 7 LTS. Next would come a 3.1.0 version, which would strictly require TYPO3 CMS 7+. I'm not sure that this scenario is realistic as the backend module is currently completely broken with TYPO3 CMS 7 and I don't know much effort is required to be compatible with both 6.2 and 7.x. Maybe version 3.0.0 will jump straight for 7 LTS.

How and when that happens is however totally uncertain. Currently it mostly depends on what I feel like doing in my free time. I have thought about seeking some sponsorship, but since it won't help me have more free time in my current situation, it's not worth pursuing this idea for now.

The bottom line is that I can't guarantee that External Import will be compatible with TYPO3 CMS 7 by the time it reaches LTS.

FAL test driver: Update extension to version 1.0.2

Added by Michael Oehlhof 27 days ago

These functions were added:
replaceFile, moveFileWithinStorage, copyFileWithinStorage, getFileContents, setFileContents, getFileForLocalProcessing and dumpFileContents

And a bug in addFile was fixed.

phpMyAdmin: Beta release of phpMyAdmin for TYPO3 7.x (1 comment)

Added by Andreas Beutel about 1 month ago

Latest beta release of phpMyAdmin 5.0.0 extension for TYPO3 comes with support for 6.2-LTS & 7.2) -

Google Site Search: Google Site Search (GSS) version 3 (3 comments)

Added by Arek van Schaijk about 1 month ago

I'm currently rebuilding the whole extension. If you have any requests please do not hold back to submit it here :)

JCC Appointment Module: Feature release v2.3.0

Added by Arek van Schaijk about 1 month ago

Upgrading from any version to v2.3.0 will be no problem at all.

Feature #67015: Ability to use variables in the mail subject

It's now possible to use all available variables from the confirmation template in the subject.

This can be turned on by:
settings.confirmation.useFluidTemplateSubject = 1

And points out to the fluid template given in:
settings.confirmation.subjectTemplatePath = ...

Feature #67016: Provide the endtime of an appointment in the data bundle

{data.endTime} is now available in the "confirm appointment" template, and email templates.

Feature #67017: New calendar which can show all available days

The new calendar mode "ShowAll" does show all available days grouped by months in once instead of selecting first a month.


settings.calendar.mode = showAll
settings.calendar.showAll_limitInDays = 0

Feature #67018: Ability to maintain the takeout texts inside typo3

By turning setting settings.products.takeoutText.useTypo3Object = 1 on the new "Takeout Text" record is used instead of the requisites from the JCC API.

Consider that the "storagePid" is required.

Feature #67019: Provide a array with takeout texts in the templating

{data.takeoutTexts} is now available in the "confirm appointment" template as well the email templates. See the default templates (from the extension) for an example.

Feature #67020: Ability to link from a content-element to the appointment form with already having a product selected


Feature #67021: Provide an confirmation mail when using the cancelation form

It is now possible to send a confirmation email while canceling an appointment.

See all settings under settings.confirmation.cancellation.*

TEQneers Slideshow: This project is no more under maintenance (1 comment)

Added by TEQneers GmbH & Co. KG about 1 month ago

This project is no more under maintenance, please choose an other slideshow.

FAL test driver: Update extension to version 1.0.1

Added by Michael Oehlhof 2 months ago

I have implemented the functions deleteFile and deleteFolder, aded some log info for not implemented parameters and changed the prefix for the files and folders.

Faceted Search: ke_search is compatible with TYPO3 7 (43 comments)

Added by Christian Buelter 3 months ago

Version 1.9.0 of ke_search is now compatible with TYPO3 version 7 (testet with 7.1).

The API calls and styles for the backend module have been adjusted.

Furthermore some changes to the default template (slightly) and default css have been made in order to make the appearance more suitable to wide range of websites out of the box.

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