Rating AX: New version 1.5.2 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke 3 months ago

  • Bug #82696: Argument 1 passed to TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ArrayUtility::mergeRecursiveWithOverrule() must be of the type array, null given in ExtensionHelperService.php
  • Bug #83037: Graphics in barratings are not updated on AJAX response
  • Major Feature #83036: Validate compatibility to PHP 7.1
  • Some refactoring in connection with Userfunc


Rating AX: New version 1.5.1 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke 9 months ago

  • Bug #81281: Plugin couldn't doesn't support sites using custom pagetype
  • Bug #81282: thratingDyn.css not recreated when page is nonCachable
  • Bug #81283: Force recreation of thratingDyn.css in ExtensionManagementService::makeRatable
  • Suggestion #81303: Use a separete LoggingService class for injection into AbstractExtensionService

Rating AX: New version 1.5.0 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke 10 months ago

  • Feature #79627: Cut support for TYPO3 6.x
  • Task #76594: Check for impact of "Deprecation: #63453 - Deprecate renderMode attribute of FlashMessagesViewHelper"
  • Task #76603: Check for impact of "Deprecation: #71249 - Deprecate render method of FlashMessage class"
  • Feature #76920: Integrate optional no-chaching configuration option e.g. like in "powermail"
  • Bug #77325: Oops, an error occurred! Konstante "plugin.tx_thrating.settings.feUserStoragePid" nicht gesetzt.
  • Major Feature #79627: Cut support for TYPO3 6.x
  • Task #80828: Cut support for deprecated setting "plugin.tx_felogin.storagePid"
  • Bug #80829: Refactor: Convert LF to CRLF
  • Task #80850: Solve other deprecation log entries of TYPO3 7
  • Bug #80860: MarkAction got hidden after vote
  • Bug #80861: Wrong var type in Cookie protection
  • Major Feature #80862: Add support for TYPO3 8

Server Team: Major upgrade

Added by Michael Stucki 11 months ago

We're happy to inform you that the TYPO3 Forge website has been updated to version 3.3 today.

Major changes:
  • Authentication is now done using LDAP. If you are having problems with login, make sure to login on once!
  • Custom user images have been removed in favour of using Gravatar.
  • A lot of plugins have been removed by us during the update. If you miss any functionality, please let us know by creating a ticket in the project.

We are looking forward to your contributions by creating pull requests. The project can be found on

External Import: External Import moving to GitHub

Added by Francois Suter over 1 year ago

The repositories for extension "external_import" and all related projects were moved to GitHub. Here's the list of involved extensions and the URL of their new home:

Happy request pulling!

Developer's Log: Version 3.0 released and moved to GitHub

Added by Francois Suter over 1 year ago

The road to devlog version 3.0 has been long and bumpy indeed. Years ago Fabien Udriot started a brand new version for TYPO3 4.5, using ExtJS for the backend module. The work was never finished and ExtJS fell from grace. The project lay dormant for a couple of years. Then an attempt was made to base the devlog on TYPO3's logging API, but this also faltered along the way.

About last year I finally found the motivation to give the project yet another fresh start. Alternating sprints and breaks, the new version was eventually ready. It is entirely rewritten, with a squeaky clean code base. The backend module relies on jQuery and DataTables for paginating, searching and filtering. The "Clear log entries" feature is now available from a convenient drop-down.

The devlog also now uses a concept of log writers, which makes it possible to route devlog calls to different outputs/storages. By default, the extension provides a database and a file writer.

Last but not least, I moved the extension to GitHub. Hopefully this will help people contribute and maybe also shift ownership to someone else, as I don't feel like continuing to maintain this extension. New home:


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