Rating AX: New version 1.2.1 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke 8 days ago

  • Bug #70933: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getFlashMessageQueue() on a non-object
  • Task #71078: Move ExtensionManagementUtility to ExtensionManagementService
  • Task #71079: Move TCALabelUserFuncUtility to TCALabelUserFuncService
  • Task #71443: Change PHP compatibility from 5.5 to 5.6
  • Task #71444: Move $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SC_OPTIONS']['tce']['formevals'] to support namespaces and autoloader
  • Feature #71758: Raise compatibility to TYPO3 7.6


Added by Oliver Eglseder 9 days ago

I have decided to rewrite this FAL driver for TYPO3 v7.6 LTS, because it has some issues with FAL filter and performance.The new driver can be found at github: and packagist:
The new version (1.0.0) is not completed, yet, but it reimplements all functionalities of the old one, that's why it was released already.

There will be some new features of the new driver including:
  • better backend UI (required patch: will be released with 7.6.1)
  • performance optimization
  • option to choose between PHP SSH extension and phpseclib (pure PHP SSH implementation) as SSH adapter
  • compatibility for 7.6.1 and higher
  • better code ;)

TocToc Comments - AJAX Social Network Components: toctoc_comments 8 goes LESS

Added by Gisèle Wendl 26 days ago

AJAX Social Network Components Version 8 introduces a new LESS modell for all CSS used, it has a new plugin mode 8 for top sharings and resolves a hand full of issues.

Find the newsarticle on version 8 here on our website:

Rating AX: New version 1.2.0 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke about 1 month ago

  • Bug #70335: #1438183881: TCA table tx_thrating_domain_model_stepname ctrl['type'] is set to 1, but this field does not exist in the database of this table
  • Bug #70336: Display and handling of localized stepnames in BE - will be fixed in TYPO3 7 LTS
  • Task #69487: Raise compatibility to TYPO3 7.5
  • Task #70191: VoteController: Better handling with $TYPO3_DB and $TSFE
  • Suggestion #70190: TCA: Switch from foreign_sortby to foreign_default_sortby
  • Feature #69486: Add JSON response to CREATE action
    Thanks to providing such great AJAX wait animations

Rating AX: New version 1.1.1 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke 2 months ago

Start TYPO3 Responsive Customer: Homepage

Added by Dirk Wildt 2 months ago

Start TYPO3 Responsive Customer has a homepage. See

Start TYPO3 Responsive: Hompage

Added by Dirk Wildt 2 months ago

Start TYPO3 Responsive has a homepage. See

Faceted Search: ke_search moves to

Added by Christian Buelter 2 months ago

You can find the ke_search repository at

phpMyAdmin: Stable release of EXT:phpMyadmin 5.1.1

Added by Andreas Beutel 3 months ago

Maintenance release to update pMA to latest version, fix #69298, remove deprecated settings and update documentation.

Rating AX: New version 1.1.0 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke 3 months ago

  • beta for TYPO3 7.4.x - choose version 1.0.2 if you want a stable one
  • fixed some deprecation logs
  • removed method addFlashMessage from VoteController
  • templateRootPaths, partialRootPaths and layoutRootPaths are now used in the new way instead of the old options
  • set compatibility to TYPO3 7.4.x

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