Rating AX: New version 1.5.1 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke 5 months ago

  • Bug #81281: Plugin couldn't doesn't support sites using custom pagetype
  • Bug #81282: thratingDyn.css not recreated when page is nonCachable
  • Bug #81283: Force recreation of thratingDyn.css in ExtensionManagementService::makeRatable
  • Suggestion #81303: Use a separete LoggingService class for injection into AbstractExtensionService

Rating AX: New version 1.5.0 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke 6 months ago

  • Feature #79627: Cut support for TYPO3 6.x
  • Task #76594: Check for impact of "Deprecation: #63453 - Deprecate renderMode attribute of FlashMessagesViewHelper"
  • Task #76603: Check for impact of "Deprecation: #71249 - Deprecate render method of FlashMessage class"
  • Feature #76920: Integrate optional no-chaching configuration option e.g. like in "powermail"
  • Bug #77325: Oops, an error occurred! Konstante "plugin.tx_thrating.settings.feUserStoragePid" nicht gesetzt.
  • Major Feature #79627: Cut support for TYPO3 6.x
  • Task #80828: Cut support for deprecated setting "plugin.tx_felogin.storagePid"
  • Bug #80829: Refactor: Convert LF to CRLF
  • Task #80850: Solve other deprecation log entries of TYPO3 7
  • Bug #80860: MarkAction got hidden after vote
  • Bug #80861: Wrong var type in Cookie protection
  • Major Feature #80862: Add support for TYPO3 8

Server Team: Major upgrade

Added by Michael Stucki 6 months ago

We're happy to inform you that the TYPO3 Forge website has been updated to version 3.3 today.

Major changes:
  • Authentication is now done using LDAP. If you are having problems with login, make sure to login on once!
  • Custom user images have been removed in favour of using Gravatar.
  • A lot of plugins have been removed by us during the update. If you miss any functionality, please let us know by creating a ticket in the project.

We are looking forward to your contributions by creating pull requests. The project can be found on

External Import: External Import moving to GitHub

Added by Francois Suter 11 months ago

The repositories for extension "external_import" and all related projects were moved to GitHub. Here's the list of involved extensions and the URL of their new home:

Happy request pulling!

Developer's Log: Version 3.0 released and moved to GitHub

Added by Francois Suter 11 months ago

The road to devlog version 3.0 has been long and bumpy indeed. Years ago Fabien Udriot started a brand new version for TYPO3 4.5, using ExtJS for the backend module. The work was never finished and ExtJS fell from grace. The project lay dormant for a couple of years. Then an attempt was made to base the devlog on TYPO3's logging API, but this also faltered along the way.

About last year I finally found the motivation to give the project yet another fresh start. Alternating sprints and breaks, the new version was eventually ready. It is entirely rewritten, with a squeaky clean code base. The backend module relies on jQuery and DataTables for paginating, searching and filtering. The "Clear log entries" feature is now available from a convenient drop-down.

The devlog also now uses a concept of log writers, which makes it possible to route devlog calls to different outputs/storages. By default, the extension provides a database and a file writer.

Last but not least, I moved the extension to GitHub. Hopefully this will help people contribute and maybe also shift ownership to someone else, as I don't feel like continuing to maintain this extension. New home:

Documentation: Inside TYPO3 updated

Added by Francois Suter about 1 year ago

This manual had last been updated for TYPO3 4.2, and even then it wasn't a full refresh. Some parts were pretty old and some screenshots dated all the way back to TYPO3 3.6.0-dev. Needless to say that tackling this manual was akin to doing an archeological dig!

There is not much left of the original content, since TYPO3 had changed so much in the meantime. I have rewritten quite a few chapters entirely, but also removed quite a lot of them, either because their content was not relevant anymore or because it was found somewhere else. In particular, the walkthrough of many backend features is now in the Getting Started Tutorial. Also everything relating to versioning and workspaces was moved to the manual of the "workspaces" system extension, which also benefited from a full update in the process.

What appears to me now is that the separation of Core APIs and Inside TYPO3 is not so clear anymore and could probably be reviewed, with content moved between the two for better consistency. However this does not seem very urgent, nor absolutely necessary for now. The downside is probably a bit of confusion for the readers.

Due to the fact that much content could be removed rather than having to be updated, I also reached this milestone faster than expected (although this update was still more than 100 hours of work!). This leaves me with quite a few hours of budget to tackle other manuals beyond the originally planned items in my budget request.


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