UTF-8 by default

Added by Ernesto Baschny over 10 years ago

We plan to have UTF-8 by default in TYPO3 4.5. We had a meeting to discuss the issue today and the protocol of the meeting can be read here:

UTF-8 by default

If you want to help on that, get in touch with us!


Added by Jonas Felix over 10 years ago

Thank you for working on that issue!

It would be great if we could also make a little documentation section about charsets in the TYPO3 documentation, especially concerning:

  • Filesystem (UTF-8 or not) on Linux or Windows
  • MySQL
    • import / export
    • collation
    • phpMyAdmin settings
    • sorting (can be an issue if MySQL isn't configured properly)
  • t3export/import from UTF-8 to not UTF-8 Systems
  • all sourcecode UTF-8 (converter extension?)
  • l18n / locallang issues
    • finally we could drop all those iconv and mbstring conversion if everything is UTF-8

Big job! But everything is solved somewhere, or has already some description...