Form API project created

A newly created project Form API isn't meant as a replacement for our "good old" FORM project, but it should work on smaller areas that we can integrate in 4.5 already.
Added by Ernesto Baschny over 10 years ago

After some discussion about the "Future of FORM" on the list, we set up a Skype meeting with Reinhard F├╝hrich (author of Formhandler), Christian Opitz (also involved in that project) and Kai Vogel (author of sp_bettercontact which has some interesting spam protection build in) and Ernesto Baschny (one of the 4.5 release guys).

We have had a very interesting discussion. The first result was the creation of a Forge project Form API.

So now there is a team and a repository to "play with". First steps will be to define the API on a high level. Reinhard is working on that and we'll present that on our Wiki later on. Meanwhile Christian already had some ideas on the implementation. The team is also taking a look on how other projects do it (e.g. Zend framework), so that are sure that we stay on a correct track.

We want to make sure we get stuff done that can be included in release 4.5. So we will work in small steps and not start with some bloated API which has no chance to be included in the core. We have a plan already on how to approach it.

Some insiders already: there will be a nice validation API and a captcha service which extensions can use and where captcha providers can register themselves.

Stay tuned for more on that area!