TYPO3 4.5 alpha2 in two weeks

Added by Ernesto Baschny over 10 years ago

With excitement I observe teams working on issues for our new release 4.5. I can feel by the communication on the mailing lists and in our meetings that there is a general awareness that 4.5 as a long term support is a very important milestone, and that we all want to include the best and most stable stuff we are able to produce.

To keep up with the expectations, we are working hard to keep the ball rolling. This means that we do weekly meetings to discuss the current issues (release managers Steffen and myself, core team leader Olly Hader and TYPO3 product manager ben van't ende). Besides that, the release team also is present in almost all other team meetings that are taking place (I am glad that we are a team of two and not only one..).

This means a lot of activity and a lot of stuff "happening":

  • the workspaces team is going to do a code sprint next week, and we expect nice results from it,
  • the design and usability team is interacting with the core team in order to reach our goal to get the backend streamlined,
  • the "modern Web>Page module" project is starting to produce some results, getting back in track after some months of pause (after the T3UXW09),
  • backend getting streamlined with ExtJS: no more frames, resizeable page tree area, ExtJs module menu, ...
  • other smaller teams are forming (e.g. Forms API) spontaneously on the mailing lists.

The most effective way of getting results proves to be settling regular scheduled meetings between the members of the team. Without that, you quickly loose track of what is going on, you loose motivation because of lack of feedback, and you probably miss important deadlines.

One of those deadlines is set for two weeks from now according to our Release Plan:

4.5alpha2 to be released Wednesday, 22.9.2010

Another important date to mark on your calendar will be a "Release 4.5 Code Sprint" to take place in Stuttgart October 14. until 17. (Thursday to Sunday). More details will be announced later. But it will be awesome! Finishing up stuff to be included before feature freeze in a huge team effort!

Thanks for your help and if you have any question, suggestion or want to help and don't know what to do, get in touch with us!