TYPO3 4.5 beta1 postponed for one week

The release team of version 4.5 decided to postpone the release of beta1 for one week.
Added by Ernesto Baschny almost 11 years ago

According to the release plan of the 4.5 release, beta1 would ship next week on November 10th (Wednesday). That would also mark the start of the feature freeze phase.

Because some projects will gain some special focus during the next week (file abstraction layer = FAL will have a code sprint from 11th to 14th) and after discussing several alternatives, the release team decided to postpone the beta1 release for one week.

4.5 beta1 postponed to 17th November

The release plan has been updated accordingly.

The remaining schedule is kept unchanged: This means we will be shipping beta2 two weeks after beta1 (1st December), beta3 three weeks later (22nd December). The release of 4.5.0 final is still scheduled for 26th January 2011.

Several projects will thus gain an extra opportunity to get finished in time for the LTS 4.5 release, e.g.:

  • new Extension Manager
  • ExtJS trees
  • Super search
  • Grid view
  • Link validator
  • SwiftMailer API

If any other project is in the "finishing phase", please get in touch with the release team (Ernesto Baschny and Steffen Kamper) so that we can consider giving them extra attention.