Last week before feature freeze: 4.5.0 beta1 is coming

One more week until feature freeze. Get your code into trunk!
Added by Ernesto Baschny almost 11 years ago

We hold the 17th meeting of our release team yesterday, the minutes are already available: Minutes 17th Meeting 2010-11-08

This week is the last week before we declare a "feature freeze", which happens when we release TYPO3 4.5.0 beta1, acording to our Release Plan. Thus the last opportunity for the pending projects to get their code into the core.

After the feature freeze we will basically start the "cleanup" phase, bug fixing and getting the version up to a point where we can proudly declare it as "4.5.0" (in January 2011).

The feature freeze means "no more features", but is not as strict as the phase after the release (where only bug fixes are allowed). We will try to concentrate on the following tasks:

  • Cosmetical chances and enhancements in the new features of the Backend,
  • Performance optimization on all areas (including frontend and backend),
  • Refactoring of new features, where it makes sense,

We need to have a very solid and sound code-base when we release 4.5.0, because we will have to support if for at least 3 years to come, which is why this last phase is very important.

In very exceptional cases the release manager can make an exception for a "new feature" to enter after feature freeze (especially in the phase up to beta3). This will be discussed in our release team meetings on a case by case basis.