4.5 Beta2 is scheduled for this week

Two more days and we will have 4.5 beta2 release. Last call to get the teams merge their fixes since beta1 into trunk!
Added by Ernesto Baschny almost 11 years ago

Next step in our journey is the release of beta2 on Wednesday according to our Release Plan. This will provide an even more stable feature set. The teams of the projects which were already included in Beta1 have fixed several bugs which were reported since then.

It is crucial on the next phase that even more people do test the new features and actively provide bug reports for them.

The release team meets weekly to discuss the projects and interactions with other teams. The minutes of last weeks meeting was only finished today. Here it is:

Todays meeting also already has its minutes online for your appreciation:

A complete list of all public minutes so far can be read on the starting page (Wiki).