The FORM Project is not dead

Two years ago I've started the FORM project, which goal is to replace the FORM content object in TYPO3. But this project came to a halt due to several reasons.
Added by Patrick Broens almost 11 years ago

It was never my intention to stop the project completely, too much work was already done and it looks very promissing. Thanks to some people in the TYPO3 community the FORM project is alive and kickin' again.

And how!

As you might have read in another article on my website, I've quit my job and started my own company with TYPO3 consulting and development services. The first task on my list is to finish the FORM project, which means I'm working on it fulltime for the next 2 or 3 months.

The first two milestones were completed during the previous work. This means it is already possible to generate forms out of Typoscript. "Typoscript, you say?" Yes, Typoscript. In my opinion content objects of the TYPO3 Core need to be able to be constructed out of Typoscript. It is the foundation of the TYPO3 Core. I've thrown away the old FORM content object Typoscript and started writing a complete new syntax, which is more like the rest of the Typoscript syntax for other content objects.

From today I will continue with the rest of the milestones:

  • Milestone III - Form wizard GUI
  • Milestone IV - Generating Typoscript from wizard
  • Milestone V - Handling of incoming data
  • Milestone VI - Fine tuning, additions, tester's feedback

In the last few weeks I already did some prework on the Form wizard GUI. Currently I'm also rewriting the extension pbsurvey, which new version will have the extension key "survey". Survey also needs a drag and drop GUI in the backend, and I can reuse large parts from this.

I will try to post as many news items as possible on this project page on Forge.