4.5 Beta3 postponed for a couple of days

Added by Ernesto Baschny almost 11 years ago

The release 4.5 team had two meetings this week. Read what was discussed here:

Minutes 22nd and 23th Meeting 2010-12-13 and 2010-12-15

We decided to postpone the release of beta3 for a couple of days. So instead of next week's Wednesday (22nd) as originally planned, Steffen will release beta3 on:

Monday, 27th of December 2010

This will give us some more days to really finish up the open tasks.

Ernesto will be traveling from 21st December until 4th January. Steffen will also take some days off after the release of Beta3. But we'll come back with full power and enthusiasm for the last couple of weeks until the release of 4.5 by the end of January!

Read more about the schedule in the Release Plan.