Postponing 4.5 RC1

The release team decided to postpone the release of the "Release Candidate" until Friday (it was planned for tomorrow, Wednesday). This gives us a couple of more days to really finish up the last steps, and end up with a stable release candidate.
Added by Ernesto Baschny about 11 years ago

Apart from the last outstanding bugs that have been reported we want to finish up these tasks:

  • Implement CRSF (Cross Site Request Forgery) in more places than just the install tool and user setup (tough job, will require some reviewing effort by testing): Georg Ringer, Helmut Hummel.
  • Finish up the usage of the new SwiftMailer API throughout the core in order to deprecate t3lib_htmlmail (see RFC 17065): Jigal van Hemmert, Ernesto Baschny
  • Finalize Plupload integration: Christian Müller
  • Finish up all required upgrade wizards and have them tested (i.e. workspaces)
  • Speed improvements: by loading ExtJS on all frames the current backend is slower on certain browsers. We want to try our best to get some improvements here.

If you want to help fixing the last outstanding bugs, please check out the list of pending issues for 4.5-final in our bug tracker or join the core mailing list to review some pending issue that already have proposed solutions.

See the updated Release Plan.