Re-postponing RC1 one more (last) day

Added by Ernesto Baschny about 11 years ago

Due to unexpected long sessions of reviewing of the most various kinds, the release team decided to postpone the release of RC1 to Saturday in the afternoon.

The discussions we had this night were important to allow us to decide on several matters, and several "last minute" changes were also crutial to provide the necessary stability in our API.

We already decided to drop the current Plupload integration (will be integrated together with the FAL project in 4.6) and also made some API adjustment of various kinds.

Since "RC1" doesn't mean "development snapshot" but a stable candidate that we would expect to be "as good as the final product", we hope that we get the next hours to test those changes from today even further and then achieve a real stable version. Plenty of issues were solved already since beta4, so the goal is reacheable.

The plan that follows is unchanged:

  • a potential RC2 to be released on Monday afternoon and
  • final release 4.5.0 on Wednesday 26th

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. You can always check out our current typo3_src trunk to get the latest development.