RC2 and RC3, the last steps

Today we released RC2 and shortly afterwards RC3. The nice participation of active contributors allowed us to fix outstanding bugs and reach a very stable and mature state.
Added by Ernesto Baschny over 10 years ago

Earlier in the morning we released RC2 to the public. It included several fixes since Friday's RC1, but unfortunately a huge issue was introduced: No login was possible anymore. This was caused by a new performance improvement in the CSRF area.

The issue was fixed in several minutes, but we decided to wait throughout the day for other issues to be solved. One very annoying issues surrounding ExtDirect / Ajax calls, the new EM "Save Configuration" FORM costs some of our developers plenty of hair. Since the troubles are also very Browser specific (Opera, Firefox 4, Chrome 9, Safari), it was very difficult to reproduce.

At the end we included a fix to that problem.

Other than that, the Linkvalidator team worked out a nice improvement on the usability of their module (in Web>Info panel). Check it out!

Read the release notes for more information:

Now this is the final "snapshot" which we will be doing for 4.5. Later today we will be packaging 4.5.0 LTS. Finally the day has come!