SSO now working on forumdev

The single sign-on code is now added on so that people should be able to log in using their users.
Added by Christine Gerpheide over 8 years ago

Logins can be made using the pretty popup form located in the main nav.

Some details about what to expect from the SSO:

If there are any posts from your email in the newsgroups/forum, it should match your typo3 account to the forum account based on the email. If you update something like your name in, the next time you should log in it should update that in the forum as well. Passwords -- like with all typo3 SSO implementations -- are not stored in the forum's database, only on

Of course, feel free to test and raise issues,


Added by Tim Duelken over 8 years ago

Thanks for your great work Christine. Did you manage to sync the user-image as well?

Added by Kay Strobach over 8 years ago

works well.

BUT please change the login button, it should not disappear, when moving the mouse out the form and the word login was clicked before.
This is important for using keepass or similar software for login.

The other way would be to login with an already existing session on by clicking the word login.

Keep on doing cool things. ... ;)

Thanks Christine


Added by Kay Strobach over 8 years ago

PS: is it planned to release the sso adapter as gpl code?