DEV3 version 1.0.2 available

The new version solved the installation issues on Mac OS X and the bug which prevented the 4.x part of DEV3 being installed.
Added by David Bruehlmeier about 13 years ago

Hi all,

I have found and fixed the bug which prevented the TYPO3 4.x part of DEV3 being installed. Everything should now install just fine on all platforms.

The new version 1.0.2 can be downloaded as usual from the update site:

Please note that I will be travelling the world as of the end of next week until the end of 2008. This means that you are welcome to open issues on Forge, but I will be unable to take care of them until beginning of 2009. I promise to continue working on the FLOW3 part of DEV3, but only after my break! :-)

In other words: Please test now and report any findings as soon as possible.

Any feedback is welcome.