Fruitful meeting of Logging project team

Today the 6th meeting of the TYPO3 Logging project was held. The aim of this project is to improve TYPO3's logging capabilities in one of the upcoming versions (4.7 or 4.8).
Added by Steffen Gebert almost 10 years ago

The new logging API is now usable and was implemented in some places of the core, in order to gain some insights about how usable and performant the API is.

Also writers for logging into database and files exist.

Interested developers are invited to checkout the current code and give feedback, or to join the weekly meeting on next Wednesday.
The state of the project source code can be seen here or checked out in the project-logging branch of the Incubator project: git://

Today's meeting protocol can be read in the project wiki

Further than that, another workshop about Logging is planned for the upcoming TYPO3 Developer Days 2012.