Kickoff for phase II: Road to LTS

After successfully creating and shipping a new Logging API, the next milestone for the logging project needs to be tackled. Here we go!
Added by Steffen Müller over 8 years ago

With the release of TYPO3 CMS 6.0 the new Logging API is now part of the core. Although a great milestone has been reached, the project is not yet finished.

What me miss so far:
  • The BE log module does not yet show log records from the new API.
  • The Logging API is not used anywhere in the core.
So the next steps are (technically):
  • Replace & deprecate the old log functions and calls in the core.
  • Decouple sys_log from sys_history
  • Enhance the usability of the BE log module and provide a migration path for log records from the old sys_log.
To get these things done we need to:
  • gather a team of contributors to get things done,
  • create goals, stories, feature outlines, scenarios, tasks or whatever kind of meta stuff which helps us to focus on our goals,
  • get in contact with the community and the core/release team to get support,
  • organize some code sprints (which was a success story for the last milestone),
  • let it rock and put our hands on the code!