TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS Kick-Off and first meeting

Finally the development of TYPO3 6.2 LTS "officially" begins! There is a new Release Manager (me, Ernesto Baschny) and we have published a 6.2 Kick-Off announcement.
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Instead of simply publishing our "Meeting Minutes" as usual, I decided to take a more "blogging approach", because the scope of information is broader than simply what we discuss in our meetings. It's probably also more fun to read it in this format. If you like it, I would like to keep it during the 6.2 development phase.

First Release Team Meeting

Anyway, the Release Team (consisting of the former Release Managers, the TYPO3 CMS Team Leader and Co-Leaders and the Community Manager - ben) decided to meet every Thursday at 2 PM CET via Skype. So today we had our first meeting.


  • Oliver Hader (Team Leader)
  • Helmut Hummel (Release Manager 6.0)
  • Christian Kuhn (Q&A, Coder, Co-Release Manager 6.0)
  • Ernesto Baschny (Release Manager 4.5 + 6.2)

Kick-Off Article

I briefly presented the Kick-Off article draft and explained it a bit. Everybody was happy with it, so I published it later on after some final tweaks.

Read it here: 6.2 Kick-Off announcement

It was spread over Twitter and Facebook and the general response is overwhelmingly positive.

Release Plan

The proposed Release Plan was discussed. We reminded that we strive for "April/October" releases. 6.0 was postponed by one month (end of November). 6.1 was "in time" (end of april). I explained the calculated Release Plan:

New Features Phase: 01.05.2013 – 02.08.2013 (4 months)

  • alpha1: 04.06.2013
  • alpha2: 06.07.2013 (Saturday, during T3DD13)
  • alpha3: 06.08.2013

Feature Freeze Phase: 03.09.2013 – 05.11.2013 (2 months)

  • beta1: 03.09.2013
  • beta2: 01.10.2013
  • RC: 22.10.2013
  • Release: 29.10.2013 (planned during T3CON Europe)

The "Release during T3CON" would a cool thing, but this requires the release date not to be postponed. It would also coincide with my birthday (what a present...).

It was agreed that postponing late is not good, so we will keep this schedule for now, and decide upon potential postponements at most on feature freeze time.

For the T3DD we have already handed in a Workshop (already accepted) for working on "6.2" which should end with a "Live Release of alpha2" during (or at the end of) the session. Will probably be lots of fun and maybe attract more potential contributors.

Planned next steps

We decided that Christian should get a new headset due to constant noise on his line. He agreed and will even go so far as to sponsor this asset himself (or his company e-net?). We're looking forward to it! :)

I plan now to get an overview of what's being done and who is doing what. This means contacting contributors, teams and getting more involved.

We also need to check out the Calendar for potential Code Sprints and the need to plan more of them. This will be one task for me in the next weeks.

One particular Code Sprint is already being planned, on the topic of "Workspaces" (also in Extbase). Refer to this doodle schedule for more infos. Thanks for dkd for sponsoring that!

Regressions in stable releases

We discussed the regressions found in stable releases, most prominently:

  • Extbase
  • Mime-Type Function call (PHP 5.2 issue with TYPO3 4.5)
  • Scheduler
  • DBAL

For all of these we have working patches (DBAL requires some more reviews) so that we plan to release new stable patchlevel versions on next Tuesday (May, 21st).

Next Meeting

Next meeting will most probably be on May 23th, but it might get shifted due to my own schedule (which was done before).

Personal Roadmaps

First step for me is to figure out what every individual active contributor has in his head. Everybody working on TYPO3 CMS development has his "personal roadmap" (or vision). In this particular phase on the road to the next release it is my job to "get everybody's roadmap in sync" and to put the focus on the roadmap for people that haven't got a roadmap themselves. :)

This is not an easy task, but inevitable in an open source project. In order to be able to do this, I need to inspire people to go more public with their "internal roadmaps". Share code, share ideas, brainstorm in public, participate in meetings, organize the workload to be able to split it up on more shoulders. We need less "lone wolves" but more group work.

So I started by contacting the initiative leaders with some questions to later further refine the "common roadmap" and bring the right persons together.

Usability Team

One challenge will be the Usability team and interaction between the Core Team and this team. There have been some communication issues in the past, but nevertheless we'll have to work together to get this working. The input from the design and usability experts (Lars and Jens) is very important and considered by our fellow developers.

We have Felix Kopp as a very good peer to the Usability Team. I'll try to get in touch with Lars/Jens soon in order to get the cooperation rolling again.

Documentation Team

I attended to the Documentation Team meeting which took place tonight with Francois and Martin. It was my first participation, and allowed me to get a better overview on that front, which will be very important on the road to 6.2 LTS. We'll get to hear more from the team and the plans during the T3DD in Hamburg: Stay tuned!

Refreshing old contacts

I have also tried to contact some "long lost souls" from the Core Team. People that worked hard on previous releases (in particular on 4.5 which I remember so well, refer to my thank you article from that time). Some are gone for so long, and I wonder why. Maybe we can reactivate some of these talented guys again.

Final words

That's it for today, hope you enjoy the read. Will report back when there is more to report.

Now go fix a bug or review a pending patch!