Half-Time between alpha2 and alpha3

This report should give you an overview of what has been happening since the release of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 alpha2.
Added by Ernesto Baschny over 8 years ago

We are still on track, heading now to the release of alpha3 in a couple of weeks. We are also almost reaching half-time in our development phase for 6.2. Things will start heating up on the next weeks, especially in the phase near feature freeze (September 3rd).

General Activity

Last weeks were marked by some notable absences: Benni Mack is preparing for a very personal project and is basically unavailable for Core work at least until 10th of August. Helmut Hummel is currently on holidays, but has already promised some more intensive work on TYPO3 CMS once he is back - which should be in the next couple of days.

Oliver Hader is doing some heavy weight lifting with workspaces. He is working on that area as payed projects for customers, but will at the end be able to bring back enhancements on that area to the Core. Basically he is doing general UI and performance improvements. At the same time, he is in a conceptional phase for overlay strategies (M-M, IRRE, Extbase, ...). This is a daunting and very complex area but nevertheless very important for our product. Basis for this work was the brainstorming sessions at the dkd Code Sprint. These thoughts should be the base for the changes to come, which will also be handled during the Extbase Workspaces Code Sprint (in Stuttgart from 15th to 18th of August).

On Wednesday Bastian Waidelich organized a conference call on the topic FLUID Templates and the issue on how to deal with the need of overriding individual templates / partials instead of the whole template-set. The need for a meeting was risen by the wish to synchronize the way upstream Fluid will deal with it and how we will deal with it in CMS - which should be more or less in line and compatible to each other. Bastian promised some information posted on the mailing list, look out for it soon.

The Usability Team is trying to get the ball rolling during these last weeks after the initial kick-off meeting in Frankfurt. There is a Skype Chat where the team exchanges ideas with the Core (Felix and Ernesto). The team is searching for alternative ways of reviewing screen designs. And we took a look at the UX issues categorized last year by the team and the release team at that time. We currently are focusing on small but meaningful UX improvements for the 6.2 release.

During the last weekend Nicole hosted the PHPunit Code Sprint in Berlin. It was productive and we can expect some more detailed report soon from one of the involved parties.


Speaking of Code Sprints, there were some questions regarding Reimbursements of the TYPO3 Active Contributor Meetings in Nürnberg (which was not explicitly considered in our Budget Application, but was covered as a "Code Sprint") and the Meetings before the Developer Days (which had a separate Budget together with the Flow/Neos team). The Budget Numbers, required to be printed on all invoices:

  • TYPO3 CMS Budget: #4000
  • TYPO3 Active Contributor Meeting T3DD: #4080

We currently have spend ca €2.600 for the meeting in Nürnberg. For the Developer Days we have calculated with a limit of €470 per person to cover the required expenses (Travel, Hotel, DevDays Ticket). We currently do not know how many participants from the Neos/Flow team will ask for reimbursement. We know that traditionally from the CMS team several developers get sponsored by their agencies / employers. So we decided to rise the limit to €550 per person and will probably also be able to spend a bit more on individual cases. Just get in touch with Ernesto Baschny in case of doubt.

Coding Activity in the 6.2 branch

Since Alpha2 we have merged some interesting stuff unique to 6.2.

One notable change was the introduction of ReST documentation for System Extensions! 

Another nice enhancement is the introduction of the ApplicationContext, a direct backport from Flow. This allows TYPO3 to understand in which context ("Development", "Production" etc) the current run is made allowing some components to behave differently (i.e. Logging, Caching, Exception Handling etc).

Not yet merged into the core but in a very mature "work-in-progress" (WIP) state is the introduction of the Package Management API by Thomas Maroschik. This will be a base functionality of TYPO3 allowing the EM to handle extensions just like Flow handles packages while integrating nicely with Composer Package Management. It's worth to take a look at the current state and give some feedback directly to the team!

Planned Activity

Smooth Migration Agency Sprint

Steffen Ritter is working hard on the organization of the first TYPO3 Smooth Migration Agency Sprint. The goal is to identify and tackle more potential issues with the migration from TYPO3 4.5 to 6.2 LTS.

This event will be in a format never before tried out: Not a regular "Core Contributors Code Sprint", but instead agencies sending their TYPO3 experts and working together with other agencies and supported out by two core coders (Steffen Ritter and Christian Kuhn).

The current status is that we have a letter on a TYPO3 official paper (provided by the Press Team) and will make use of the T3A to invite personally Platinum/Gold Association Members during the next days. The T3A-Shop-System will be required to process the invitations. The location is already booked (Unperfekthaus in Essen).

FAL Code Sprint

We are in a phase of planning a FAL Code Sprint to happen rather sooner than later. The goal is to stabilize the API, fix pending issues, make it more stable and provide a better ground work for extensions like "Media" to be based upon it.

The week from 5th to 8th of August is a potential candidate for the Code Sprint (during the week, to try to minimize the "lost weekends" by our fellow developers). Currently we are searching for a good location. One candidate is Mainz, the other one is Düsseldorf (WMDB). Andreas Wolf is getting in touch with the location providers.

The FAL Code Sprint explicitly is not yet about improving the "Media" Extension. Media is an extension created by Fabien Udriot and is being developed as a stand alone extension separated from the Core. It might provide a replacement for DAM, but there are no plans to integrate it into the Core. To build a team and support the Media extension development, we will try to organize a Code Sprint dedicated to it later on.

Introduction packages

As we already have explained with the release of alpha2:http://typo3.org/news/article/typo3-cms-62-lts-alpha2-released/ there were no Introduction or Government Packages build for the current development snapshot. The current development status in this area (i.e. integrate the Responsive Package) is in the hands of Benni Mack. Olly will try to get in touch with him to understand what's missing and how and who can help with it.

Stable Releases of TYPO3 CMS

We will be releasing TYPO3 CMS stable releases today (Tuesday, July 23th). This means 4.5, 4.7, 6.0 and 6.1 will get a release, which will include all fixes that were merged until the last release - which were quite a bit since the last release is now almost 2 months ago.

Keep on rocking

That's it for today. If you can help in any area, you can be sure that any help is very welcome! Simply take a task that is open (i.e. an issue to be reviewed, a new tiny feature you need, etc). Your contribution is very valuable! In case of doubt on where to help, contact the release management team (Olly Hader, Steffen Ritter, Benni Mack, Helmut Hummel, Xavier Perseguers, Ernesto Baschny) and explain your motivations or your special interest areas and we will find out something nice for you to work on.

Kind Regards,
Ernesto Baschny - Release Manager TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS