Decision time for the 6.2 Release

Next weeks we are heading into a phase of important decisions regarding the 6.2 release. Read more about it in this article.
Added by Ernesto Baschny about 8 years ago

It's been some weeks since the last news on the state of development for the TYPO3 6.2 release. The last month we've seen a natural decrease of development activity mainly due to the holiday season in Western Europe. Nevertheless we focused on certain tasks centered mainly around code sprints.

FAL Code Sprint

At the start of August we had a FAL Code Sprint, which was meant to improve the API, work on bugs and fix some open loose ends. We teamed up with Steffen Ritter, Andreas Wolf, Helmut Hummel, Olly Hader, Nicole Cordes. Our new FAL force Frans Saris joined us and was eager to work on the FAL code and our host Torsten Schrade from the Akademie für Wissenschaften also joined our efforts.

The result of the code sprint left us with some mixed feelings because we got some important concept discussed but we still have lot of work to do. We kick started lots of important fixes, especially in the permissions area (#50872, #51004).

Our new FAL contributor Frans Saris dedicated some time to work on the "missing files" and "deleted flag" handling (#50827, #51097, #50876, #48182).

We discussed the need of the "Default Storage 0" and the issues involved with that (#45498, #50828) and Storages in general (#50871, #49842).

Nicole Cordes tackled lots of Unit Tests failing, especially under Windows (#39715).

The class hierarchy was given some thoughts (#50867), and again the need to localize FAL records was discussed and we've got some more infos on that in #49842.

Extbase Code Sprint and Functional Framework

Last weekend we had a Extbase Workspaces code sprint in Stuttgart, and we will certainly will soon hear more about the results. An important milestone was reached in that we now have a functional framework in place where we can easily test bigger chunks of code interacting with a complete separated database instance, configuration and set of installed extensions. This is an important asset for us to be able to enhance or fix conceptually complex areas - like workspaces or language handling. More work will now need to come to define some basic workspaces functional tests using this new framework before we are able to start really enhancing this area.

Road to big decisions

After these achievements and sprints we are heading into a very important and decisive phase in our 6.2 development. We had declared in our roadmap to deliver one last alpha by the beginning of August - which didn't made sense due to the sprints still to come and the lack of many new features to showcase.

The next step in the proposed roadmap is the first Beta version by beginning of September, which would also mark the feature freeze in our codebase for the 6.2 release.

During these last weeks of meetings we had the opportunity to discuss the current status with plenty of people. In general the feeling is that we are lacking time to really finish what people are expecting for this release. The 6.2 LTS release is such an important milestone for agencies, developers, freelancers and customers. We know that and we don't want to rush out a release that people are annoyed with for the next 3 years of support just because of lack of time to finish what we were wanting to finish.

Since the definition of our Roadmap we declared that the final date is tentative and we should declare the need (or not) to expand the development phase shortly before the feature freeze. Well, exactly this time of decisions is coming.

Code Sprint in Essen: postpone feature freeze?

Quite fitting is that all major contributors of the Core will meet in a general CMS Code Sprint in Essen, which we currently are declaring as the "Feature Freeze Sprint". It will be during these days that we will be able to decide if we stick to the roadmap or postpone the release of the feature freeze and thus also the final release, and by how much time. There have been voices to postpone the release by one month until as much as until the beginning of next year.

So currently it looks very strongly that we won't have a release during the T3CON in Stuttgart. But who knows what we are able to achieve in Essen and how the team feels after these four days. So at last with the next snapshot release at the beginning of September you will know on how the roadmap will continue: if it turns out to be one more alpha means we are not in feature freeze. If it is a beta it means: feature freeze began.

Open initiatives

To be more concrete, the following areas need more manpower until feature freeze:

  • Being able to again provide easy starter packages (i.e. Introduction and Government package). Work is somehow stalled, and just some concepts and ideas are ready, but still no code.
  • File Abstraction Layer (FAL) API and Features: We are not yet totally satisfied with the current state. Lots of work in progresses and ideas still to be concretized.
  • Logging API: Steffen Müller already gave us an insight that much more time would be required to tackle the daunting job of making the whole Core use the new logging API. Central places like "sys_log" and "sys_history" are currently very tied together.
  • Composer support: The work-in-progress from Thomas Maroschik is already very far, but will need more reviews, testing and refining until release.
  • Design foundations for backend modules: We still want to clarify if we are able to include Twitter Bootstrap into the backend (licensing question). At least we want to have a solid foundation for BE modules to work with.
  • Some more usability love could be spend in the Page Module and in the new File List

If you are interested in participating actively in one of these topics, please join our effort either by simply dropping by in the Review System or in our Core Issue Tracker. If you want to participate more actively, simple get in touch with me () or any other Core Active Contributor you know.

Thanks for you understanding and support!


Added by Francois Suter about 8 years ago

Hey Ernesto, good news all in all.

It would be great if system categories could be given some care too. I have already made a patch implementing a page menu based on a categories selection ( and I'm willing to implement something similar for content elements, but I want to see some interest about the page menu first. I feel that we really need this to make system categories somehow useful. Otherwise I fear they will remain somehow "hidden" for lack of usage in the Core.

Added by Kay Strobach about 8 years ago

Hey Ernesto,

@Open Initiatives we are still working on the theming approach, perhaps this is somehow related to your package task.
Please review the latest revision of


Added by Ernesto Baschny about 8 years ago

Yes, Kay Wienöbst, the Theming Task is a very cool and active initiative which I would also consider very doable.

Francois Suter, better usage of our categories system is indeed important to make this technology better used. Would be cool if you could keep the focus on the important issues around it, thanks!