Road to 6.2: Let's finish it!

This is *the week*: The TYPO3 team will be working on the last features for the 6.2 release. The Code Sprint from Thursday to Sunday in Hannover will allow us to focus fully on that.
Added by Ernesto Baschny about 8 years ago

The goal of this weeks Code Sprint in Hannover will be: "Let's finish it". The motto resumes the essence of the current activity. Next week we will release TYPO3 6.2 LTS beta1: A milestone which will mark the beginning of the feature freeze phase in our development cycle. After that we won't be adding "new features" but will focus on improving the existing functionality with stabilization, bug fixing, clean-ups - working towards a stable and mature "6.2.0" release in December.

In preparation for this Code Sprint, we would like to have bunch of "ready to go" review requests already pending (or matured) in our review system (Gerrit). This will allow the team jointly review, discuss, improve and finally merge this new functionality in the core.

Some ideas that already matured but need finishing:

Responsive images

During the T3DD a Workshop initiated by Ingo Schmidt kickstarted the work on being able to render "responsive images" in the frontend. The concept was documented in issue #50075. Work is being improved in review 22052 which already contains a bunch of incrementally improved patchsets. If you are interested in this feature, consider taking a look at the current implementation, comment on it, test it out and give your reviewing vote.

Providing Backend Layouts

Currently it's only possible to provide "backend layouts" as records that are stored in the database. To be able to share "backend layouts" together with ready made themes (as proposed by the themes extension) or to be able to include them in a workflow of deployment through a versioning system (text files), a new mechanism for providing these layouts is being seeked. This is being developed in issue #37208 and review 11804. Currently Jo Hasenau is working on implementing the latest concept, implementing it as "data providers".

File Abstraction Layer Multilanguage

We want to make the meta data of files translatable. Read more about it in the corresponding blueprint. Steffen Ritter is working on it, and first want to clean up some API issues (see review 23839). To see where this is heading, checkout his fal62 branch. Help reviewing and testing is required.

Composer / Package management support

We strive to have a modern "Package management" inspired in the Flow components, including full composer support (#47018). Thomas Maroschik already has a work in progress (WIP), but this still needs refinement, improvements and conceptual clarifications. If you are interested in this matter, please consider reviewing the current state and joining discussions. Tom will be present in the Code Sprint and will work on finishing up this foundation during these days.

Store Sessions outside the DB

In order to improve scalability, Thorsten Kahler wants the Core to be able to store the session information outside the database, thus minimizing (or even removing) MySQL queries on every hit. In order to do so the concept should create an API where different "session storage backends" can be implemented and plugged in. See #51731 for the current work in progress. Thorsten will be present in the Core Sprint to work with the team on finishing this feature.

Other ideas

A further compiled list of other pending issues might help getting an idea on where one can still help in our journey to 6.2. Especially the "green" ones already contain Review Requests.

Other new features might also still come in, and only require to pass the regular reviewing process. Get creative, form a team, and get in touch with the release team () about your initiative.

Supporting the Code Sprint

The T3A budget for the TYPO3 CMS team is able to cover the expenses for traveling to Hannover and everybody's rooms in the Hotel. Bitmotion is sponsoring and hosting the Code Sprint location and infrastructure.

But the crew is also welcoming sponsoring for drinks, food, snacks, coffee and those "little things" that make a coder code more efficiently. So if you cannot help with coding, reviewing, testing or giving technical feedback, consider sponsoring these activators. Please contact me ("Ernesto Baschny":) before sponsoring something, so that we can organize what we need (and don't end up with 20 crates of Club Mate but no food).