Rating AX: New version 1.3.2 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke about 3 years ago

  • Bug #76591: Compatibility fix for TYPO3 7.6
  • Bug #75951: Core: Error handler (BE): PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ..../th_rating/Classes/Service/TCALabelUserFuncService.php line 168
  • Suggestion #76593: Add cookieLifetime to global constant settings
  • Bug #76592: Cookieprotection not working when configured in plugin.tx_thrating.ratings
  • Bug #76605: Invalid HTML generated nesting of DIV whithin UL-tag
  • Task #76602: TYPO3 7.6 Deprecation: #69822 - Deprecate TCA settings of select fields

404 Page not found handling: Version 2.3.0 released in TER

Added by Christian Futterlieb over 3 years ago

Hello TYPO3 folks!

We like to announce the latest release of pagenotfoundhandling, version 2.3.0. It's now available in TER:

Since the last release a great new feature has taken it's place: HTTP authentication support.
Surely you know the scenario: you create a new website and upload it to a staging server to give your customers a peak of your work. To be sure nobody but the customer can access it, you quickly set up HTTP authentication, for example with apache's mod_auth_basic. But with this restriction in place, pagenotfoundhandling cannot get the contents of the 403/404 pages, because it does not know about the credentials and thus always receives a 401 Forbidden status. Which leads to an empty, white website. With the new feature aboard, this will not happen anymore. pagenotfoundhandling now detects the "Authorization" HTTP header and handles it out-of-the box.

With HTTP Basic authentication, you're all set, no need to configure anything, because the "Authorization" HTTP header can just be passed through. With HTTP Digest authentication in place, you have to configure two things:
  1. Install an set up cURL for your TYPO3 installation, then activate it in the install tool with $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['curlUse'] = '1';
  2. Configure the access credentials in either extension manager configuration or domain record configuration (see Manual)

With the new version of pagenotfoundhandling, the 403/404 page should never be blank anymore. Because, when any error occured (while fetching the 403/404 page), an exception will be thrown, containing information about the error.

We would like to thank Sascha Egerer for his commitment on this feature and for kicking me in the ass to finally build a solution on this problem. And as always we like to thank our company Agentur am Wasser, which gives us the possibility to work on this project.

We appreciate any feedback from you, feel free to contact us or submit your reports to this issue tracker.


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