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Simon Dawes, 2014-02-05 21:56
Added Workspace notes

TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS - What's New For Editors

The purpose of this page (and appropriately marked sub-pages) is to gather information about changes between TYPO3 CMS 4.5 and 6.2 for editors ("What's New for Editors").
Everyone is welcome to add ideas/suggestions to this page (including people, who are not members of the team).

First Impression

Slightly different login form, visual appearance of backend (administrator interface) became cleaner. (Michael)
Columns (functions LHS, page tree and content area) the same. (Michael)
More spacing at functions menu on the left side (PL)
Submodule "Versioning" is missing in 6.2 and order of "Functions" is changed (PL)
Module "Admin Tools" is an extra menu consisting "Extension Manager" and "Language" (PL)
In 6.2 the Full Name is displayed on top of page (beneath logout) and role (like "admin") is displayed via tooltip (PL)
The section "Path" and the icons bar are switched (path is now on top and below there are the icons) (PL)

Create page form (Module Page)

In the "create new page" form there is the "use as container" moved from tab "Appearance" to "Behaviour" (PL)
The "Replace Content" function (in the Appearcance tab) is now a select box (PL)
Cache tags were introduced (tab Behaviour) (PL)
In the Tab "Resources" FAL is used instead of the normal media browser (PL)
In the Tab "Resources" the PageTSconfig help is removed (PL)
Categories were introduced (tab "Categories") (PL)

Module View

There is a "Width" select box at the top to adjust width of the output

Module List

Click on list entry brings edit form now (in 4.5 you had to click on edit button)

Module access

Sub function "User overview" is gone

Module Functions

Checkbox for "Hide new pages in menus" is added in function "Create multiple pages" (PL)

Module Template

Template record; "Backend Editor Configuration" was removed (PL)
Template record; "Resources tab" was removed (PL)
Template Tools: TypoScript help was removed (PL)

Module User Tools > User Settings

"Enable Flash uploader" setting is removed (PL)
"Show hidden files and folders in the file list" is added (PL)

General forms

- Dates are now with time instead of just with dd/mm/yyyy



Accessing Workspaces
The order of options in the workspace selector in top bar is slightly different but unlikely to be noticed by editors (SD)

Workspaces Module
Workspaces module has two additional columns to listing, info and language (SD)
The swap element option (the double black arrows icon) in listing are now next to Current Stage column rather than Live-Title column (SD)
The actions col now has the change history icon available for each item, popping up the change history of the item (SD)

Additional Notes:
Meta Data for documents in FAL now get approved in workspaces too, you get to approve document meta data edits in workspace module. However the only place you see you need to approve this is in the workspaces module and only if you select root page of site. (SD)

Workspace configuration now makes it possible to be very specific about notification emails to workspace members, this means that the default notification pop-up could have more or less options available that previously. (SD)

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