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A calendar combining all the functions of the existing calendar extensions plus adding some new features. It is based on the ical standard.

It enables you to easily:
  • create, edit and update events in the backend and frontend
  • manage complex recurring events
  • im-/export events from/into .ics-format to MS Outlook (Express) and Mozilla Sunbird
  • subscribe to TYPO3-calendars via RSS in Mozilla Sunbird
  • monitor events and get e-mail notification if events are updated

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Mario Matzulla (mario_matzulla)


Jeff Segars (jsegars)
Simon Schick (simonsimcity)
Thomas Kowtsch (thomaskowtsch)


Ephraim Härer (kephson)
Simon Schmidt (sfsmfc)

Product Owner

Mario Matzulla (mario_matzulla)