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A calendar combining all the functions of the existing calendar extensions plus adding some new features. It is based on the ical standard.

It enables you to easily:
  • create, edit and update events in the backend and frontend
  • manage complex recurring events
  • im-/export events from/into .ics-format to MS Outlook (Express) and Mozilla Sunbird
  • subscribe to TYPO3-calendars via RSS in Mozilla Sunbird
  • monitor events and get e-mail notification if events are updated

Issue tracking

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Mario Matzulla (mario_matzulla)


Jeff Segars (jsegars)
Simon Schick (simonsimcity)
Thomas Kowtsch (thomaskowtsch)


Ephraim Härer (kephson)
Simon Schmidt (sfsmfc)

Product Owner

Mario Matzulla (mario_matzulla)

Latest news

cal 1.5.1 released to TER (5 comments)
The bugfix release was published yesterday into TER to restore compatibility with TYPO3 4.5 LTS
Added by Thomas Kowtsch almost 3 years ago

1.5 released - 1.5.1 bugfix in pipeline (64 comments)
Version 1.5 was released a week one. Please wait some days for 1.5.1 to ensure compatibility with TYPO3 4.5 LTS!
Added by Thomas Kowtsch almost 3 years ago

cal 1.4.3 released to TER (33 comments)
This week, we released cal 1.4.3 to TER. It is the third bugfix release within the 1.4 family.
Added by Thomas Kowtsch over 3 years ago

Here we are! (6 comments)
From technical point of view we're done - everything we need is here to start working on cal itself!
Added by Thomas Kowtsch almost 4 years ago

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