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Multi-channel support for TYPO3: Show and hide pages and content elements based on configurable "contexts".

Examples for contexts:
  • Screen size < 500px
  • Browser runs on a tablet or mobile phone
  • Location is 15km around a certain place
  • User is from one of certain countries
  • User entered website with GET-Parameter affID=foo
  • User IP matches a given rule
  • A combination of any other rules

Apart from the context rules, this extension also provides an API to use contexts in your own extensions.

See the Wiki for more information.

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Christian Opitz (metti)
Netresearch GmbH & Co KG (netresearch)


Christian Weiske (cweiske)


André Haehnel (loco8878)
Christian Weiske (cweiske)
Rico Sonntag (magic-sunday)
Sebastian Mendel (cybot_tm)