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Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a tool for organizing Digital Media Assets for storage and retrieval by categories, mimetypes etc. DAM is an enhanced version of fileadmin. Metadata can be added by hand or extracted automatically for assets and can be extracted by indexing tools and used in the frontend by various apps that already live in Extension Repository (TER).

What is the the project status?

DAM 1.3 was released in July 2012. This was the last feature release for DAM. It is compatible with TYPO3 4.5+. It is planned to maintain DAM until the end of life of TYPO3 4.5.

The main DAM functionalities will be in TYPO3 core starting with TYPO3 6.0. We aim to work on an extension Media Management that provides the important DAM features that will not be part of the core. More information on this topic will follow at a later time.

What are the recommended releases?

Stable release DAM 1.3 :

Stable release can be download on the TER

Development release DAM 1.3

Current source code can be be found on our Git infrastructure. You can run the following command to get a copy of the latest code.

git clone git://

Where do I get the documentation?

Documentation can be found in the source code of the extension itself under folder "doc". There are also some resources on the Wiki

Where do I report a bug / feature?

Please report issues to the issue tracker in this project.

How can I contribute to the project?

We are grateful for reporting or commenting issues and for change requests to Gerrit and reviews of pending requests: Pending DAM issues

Issue tracking

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Latest news

DAM 1.3.3 released (27 comments)
The Digital Asset Management extension for TYPO3 4.x has been released in version 1.3.3. It fixes several bugs, including one severe regarding indexing for editors.
Added by Christian Weiske over 1 year ago

DAM 1.3.1 on its way and move to Forge (46 comments)
DAM 1.3.1 - the first bugfix release for DAM 1.3 - is on its way to the TYPO3 Extension Repository. At the same time we are moving to the TYPO3 Forge bugtracker.
Added by Lorenz Ulrich about 3 years ago

svmetaextract 1.0 released (17 comments)
The DAM team released svmetaextract 1.0. This extension replaces the extensions cc_metaexif, cc_metaexec and cc_meta_xmp and is basically a bugfix release of these three extensions, now merged to one single extension.
Added by Lorenz Ulrich over 3 years ago

DAM Leadership (7 comments)
New leadership for DAM
Added by Ben van 't Ende over 3 years ago

DAM 1.2.2 release (8 comments)
Added by Dan Osipov over 4 years ago

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