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Unit testing helps you be in control over your application. This extension provides a back-end module for testing extensions. The module will list any extension that has tests.

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Oliver Klee (oliklee)


Andreas Wolf (andreaswolf)
Christian Kuhn (lolli)
Marcus Krause (mkrause)
Nicole Cordes (IchHabRecht)
Philipp Gampe (pgampe)
Sebastian Bergmann (sebastian_bergmann)
Stefan Neufeind (neufeind)
Stefano Kowalke (suhemi)

Product Owner

Oliver Klee (oliklee)

Honorary Member

Kasper Ligaard (ligaard)
Sebastian Bergmann (sebastian_bergmann)


Mr. Jenkins (jenkins)

Latest news

phpunit 3.5.14 has been released (2 comments)
Added by Oliver Klee almost 4 years ago

phpunit 3.4.12 has been released (1 comment)
Version 3.4.12 of the phpunit extension has been released. This version includes numerous bug fixes and adds proper support for "*Test.php" files (instead of the old "*_testcase.php" files) and the first-letter-uppercase "Tests" directory.
Added by Oliver Klee almost 5 years ago

Change of guards: PHPUnit leadership reorganization
Added by Kasper Ligaard over 5 years ago

PHPUnit version 3.3.0 is now the default in phpunit 3.3.0 (3 comments)
PHPUnit 3.3.0 was released a few days ago. The phpunit extension has now been updated to include PHPUnit 3.3.0.
Added by Kasper Ligaard over 6 years ago

PHPUnit version 3.3 approaching. (1 comment)
PHPUnit 3.3 today reached it's third release candidate. With a little luck, it will be out in a final version before month's end.
Added by Kasper Ligaard over 6 years ago

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