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What is 'pw_comments'?

pw_comments is an extension for TYPO3 which adds the possibility to post comments on pages (similar to the comment function in blogs) or extension entries like tt_news-news. This extension is based completely on Extbase and Fluid.


  • Adds the possibility for users to post comments on pages
  • Easy to integrate into existing or new websites
  • Compatible with other extensions like tt_news
  • Uses modern technology: Extbase & Fluid
  • Awesome flexibility by TypoScript conditions
  • Gravatar support
  • "Hidden field" spam protection
  • Bad word list for comment message, name and mail address
  • Customizable waiting time between two comments
  • Moderate new comments
  • Replying to comments (one level deep, replies to other replies are not possible)
  • Change order of comments and/or replies (separately adjustable)
  • Vote comments and replies
  • E-mail notification
  • Use of relative dates (i.e. "15 minutes ago")
  • TYPO3 6.2 Compatible

Issues, bugs and feature requests

If you have found a bug or you want to submit a request for a new feature, please use the Forge issue tracker at http://forge.typo3.org/projects/extension-pw_comments/issues.

In case you don't want to create an account on Forge, you may send me an e-mail at armin(at)v.ieweg.de


How to get pw_comments

There are two ways to get pw_comments. You can visit the TER at http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/pw_comments/current/ and download pw_comments there or you can use SVN at https://svn.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Extensions/pw_comments/ to check out the latest version. The trunk folder will always contain the current development state, but in the tags folder you'll find the different releases.


The extension requires:
  • TYPO3 4.5.0 or newer
  • Extbase 1.3.0 or newer
  • Fluid 1.3.0 or newer

If your system doesn't match the requirements the installer will notify you.


After loading the extension onto the server, you will have to install it like every other extension. The installation will create a new table for storing comments.

After the installation you should add the static setup to your current TYPO3 template:

Screenshot: Include static (from extensions)

When the statics have been added you can access several libs to include pw_comments into your page (as described in the next chapter).


First installation

After you've successfully installed pw_comments and added the static setup to your TYPO3 template you can simply add the following TypoScript lines to your main column output in order to output the comments:

lib.content = COA
lib.content {
  10 < styles.content.get

  # List comments
  20 < lib.pwCommentsIndex

  # Write new comment
  30 < lib.pwCommentsNew

This will display the comments on every page. You can use any conditions you want (for example: [globalVar = TSFE:page|layout = 1]) to define the visibility of comments for specified pages (since you probably wouldn't want comments to appear on all pages).


pw_comments includes the following settings which make it highly customizable:

plugin.tx_pwcomments.settings. ...

Setting Type Default value Description
commentAnchorPrefix string comment Every comment gets an own anchor which contains the uid of the comment. In the default case the anchor will look something like that: #comment1337.
showCommentAnchor string comments This anchor will appear in front of the comment numbering.
writeCommentAnchor string writeComment This anchor will appear in front of the comment form.
successfulAnchor string thanksForYourComment This is the anchor of the flashMessage which notifies the user that his comment has been submitted successfully.
customMessagesAnchor string customMessages This anchor is part of index action and marks the flashMessage container to show customMessages, like "You can't vote for your own comment."
showGravatarImage boolean 1 Enables or disables the usage of gravatar images
gravatarSize integer 50 Size (in pixel) of gravatar images
gravatarDefault string mm This specifies the default image for e-mail addresses without a gravatar
EntryUid (for usage with other extensions like EXT:news)
useEntryUid boolean 1 Enables or disables the usage of entryUid
entryUid cObject Use cObject to define the value of entryUid dynamically. See chapter "How to use pw_comments with other extensions" for further information.
Replying to comments (available since version 1.4.0)
enableRepliesToComments boolean 0 Enables or disables the reply link and adds a hidden field to new comment form with uid of parent comment. If this option is activated the next one should be activated, too.
showRepliesToComments boolean 0 Enables or disables the display of already existing replies to comments.
countReplies boolean 1 If true, the placeholder {commentCount} will also count replies on comments. Otherwise just comments (no replies) will get counted.
Sortings (available since version 2.1.0)
invertCommentSorting boolean 0 Per default oldest comments are displayed first. If this option is true, the order of comments get inverted (newest comments first).
invertReplySorting boolean 0 See invertCommentSorting. Affects replies of comments instead of comments itself.
Voting (available since version 2.0.0)
enableCommentVotes boolean 1 Enables or disables the voting controls for comments.
enableReplyVotes boolean 1 Enables or disables the voting controls for replies.
enableVoting boolean 1 If disabled votes are visible but users may not vote for comments/replies. This is useful if you want to restrict possibility to vote for eg. logged in users but show the votings.
hideVoteButtons boolean 0 If enabled the voting buttons are not visible. Caution: The voting functionality itself is still enabled.
ignoreVotingForOwnComments boolean 1 If enabled users are not allowed to vote for their own comments/replies.
Moderation and e-mail notification
moderateNewComments boolean 1 If this option is enabled, comments are not automatically visible. A back end user has to activate them first.
sendMailOnNewCommentsTo string One or more e-mail addresses who will be informed every time a new comment has been submitted. Separate multiple recipients using a comma or leave empty to disable e-mail notifications.
sendMailTemplate string EXT:pw_comments/[...]/mail.html Defines the path to the Fluid template which should be used for notification e-mails
sendMailMimeType string text/plain Defines the MIME-type of the e-mail body. Please note that changes made here also need to be regarded in the appropriate template.
Mails to comment author
sendMailToAuthorAfterSubmit boolean 0 If this option is enabled, the author receives a mail after each comment he/she has written.
sendMailToAuthorAfterSubmitTemplate string EXT:pw_comments/[...]/mailToAuthorAfterSubmit.html Defines the path to the Fluid template which should be used for the e-mail to comment author.
sendMailToAuthorAfterPublish boolean 0 If this option is enabled, the author receives a mail after a comment he/she has written has been published. This option requires activated "moderateNewComments".
sendMailToAuthorAfterPublishTemplate string EXT:pw_comments/[...]/mailToAuthorAfterPublish.html Defines the path to the Fluid template which should be used for the e-mail to comment author.
secondsBetweenTwoComments integer 300 Defines the number of seconds an user has to wait before they may post another comment (includes all pages)
linkUrlsInComments boolean 1 If activated this option recognises and links domains like www.professorweb.de.
Spam protection
useBadWordsList boolean 1 Enables or disables the usage of bad word list. This option just checks the entered comment message.
useBadWordsListOnUsername boolean 1 Available since 2.1. If enabled performs bad words check on entered username. This option may be activated seperately from useBadWordsList option.
useBadWordsListOnMailAddress boolean 0 Available since 2.1. Same like option useBadWordsListOnUsername, just for the entered email address.
badWordsList string EXT:pw_comments/[...]/badwords.txt Defines the path a bad word list containing regular expressions (one in each line).
hiddenFieldSpamProtection boolean 1 If enabled an additional hidden field will be added to the comment form. If this field is filled (for example by a bot) the comment will not be saved.
hiddenFieldName string authorWebsite Field name of the hidden field (type="input")
hiddenFieldClass string hide_initally CSS class for hiding the field
Field replacements
replaceUsernameWith cObject You can replace the name input field with something else. This makes sense if it is used together with conditions which check if the user is logged in.
replaceMailWith cObject See "replaceUsernameWith"
Relative Date
relativeDate.absoluteFormatFallback string %d.%m.%Y The dates of comments will be shown as relative dates (for example "2 hours ago"). After a longer period of time, the view helper switches to an absolute date. This setting controlls the output of this absolute date.

TypoScript in settings

You may use TypoScript in the settings. For example:

plugin.tx_pwcomments.settings.successfulAnchor = TEXT
plugin.tx_pwcomments.settings.successfulAnchor {
  data = page:title
  wrap = #thanksForYourCommentOnThePage|

Flexibility with conditions

You can define the settings even further using conditions. The default setup, which is delivered in the static setup, contains different settings for users who are logged in:

[loginUser = *]
plugin.tx_pwcomments {
    settings {
        moderateNewComments = 0
        secondsBetweenTwoComments = 60

        replaceUsernameWith = COA_INT
        replaceUsernameWith {
            10 = TEXT
            10.data = LLL:EXT:pw_comments/Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xml:tx_pwcomments.newComment.loggedInAs

            20 = TEXT
            20.data = TSFE:fe_user|user|username
            20.noTrimWrap = | <b>|</b>|

            stdWrap.wrap = <div class="loggedInAs">|</div>

        replaceMailWith = TEXT
        replaceMailWith.stdWrap.char = 0

This will disable moderation for new comments, reduce the minimal number of seconds between two comments and replace the input field for name and e-mail with the string: "You are logged in as: <b>Blah</b>" for logged in users.

How to use pw_comments with other extensions

Since version 1.1 it is possible to use pw_comments not only with pages but also with tt_news entries or any other extension - thanks to the new entryUid.

You can enable or disable the usage of entryUid by setting TypoScript conditions. If you do so pw_comments will search for comments which are located on the current page (pid). For example, if you use tt_news the pid for all news is the same, because the pid only defines the page which contains the detail-view-plugin and not the news entry itself.

If you enable the entryUid you can define its content yourself. In this example you could fill in the news-entry-uid of current news.

In TypoScript this could look like this:

[globalVar = GP:tx_ttnews|tt_news > 0]
  # Enable the usage of entryUid and define entryUid
  plugin.tx_pwcomments.settings {
    useEntryUid = 1
    entryUid = TEXT
    entryUid.data = GP:tx_ttnews|tt_news

  # And add comments if not done yet
  lib.content.80 < lib.pwCommentsIndex
  lib.content.85 < lib.pwCommentsNew

First you check the condition "Am I currently on a news detail view?". If this is the case, the GET-parameter tx_ttnews[tt_news] exists and is greater than zero.

Then you tell pw_comments to use the entryUid and fill it with this GET-parameter value, which is basicly the uid of the news_entry.

Now pw_comments respects the uid of the news itself and you can add several separate comments to all published news entries.

Of course you can also use this feature with any other extension - just replace the GET-parameter.

It is not possible to use more than one instance of pw_comments per page!

Libraries for further usage

The static setup of pw_comments contains some libs to make your work more comfortable:


This displays the comments with the Fluid template engine.


This displays the form for posting comments. You can disclaim this form if you want to make the comments read only.


Returns the number of comments on the current page. You can use this lib with the f:cObject viewhelper in Fluid as well.

If you have the option useEntryUid enabled, the amount of comments will just respect the comments per page, not per eg. news entry. You have to modify the typoscript for this functionality a little bit. Just add the following to your own typoscript:

lib.pwCommentsGetCount {
    10.select.andWhere = entry_uid=###NEWSUID###
    10.select.markers.NEWSUID.data = GP:tx_ttnews|tt_news


Similar to lib.pwCommentsGetCount, but adds the word 'comment/s' behind the number of comments.
i.e: "0 comments", "1 comment", "2 comments"

CSS default style

The static setup provides some basic CSS styles. If you want to disable them simply paste this into your TypoScript:

plugin.tx_pwcomments._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >

Author or authorName?

The author of a comment is saved in two diffent ways: If an unregistred user writes a comment the fields authorName and authorMail are filled. If the user is registered the model of the user is linked to the comment in the field author.

authorIdent (new since 2.0.0)

Each comment author gets an authorIdent, stored in comments and votes. If user is logged in, it contains the uid of the frontend user. Otherwise it contains a randomly generated string. For not logged in users, this string will be stored as cookie with key tx_pwcomments_ahash.

Overwrite translations

If you want to change translations, like the upvote/downvote label, just use typoscript:

plugin.tx_pwcomments._LOCAL_LANG.default.tx_pwcomments.votes.upvote = :)
plugin.tx_pwcomments._LOCAL_LANG.default.tx_pwcomments.votes.downvote = :(

plugin.tx_pwcomments._LOCAL_LANG.de.tx_pwcomments.votes.upvote = :)
plugin.tx_pwcomments._LOCAL_LANG.de.tx_pwcomments.votes.downvote = :(
You can also empty labels, if you want to use a background image (via CSS) instead.

User guide

Where comments are stored

Comments are stored at the pid of the page where they have been written. To see the comments just switch to list view and click on the page.

Activate moderated comments

If a submitted comment is moderated and not yet visible, you have to activate it manually. To do this, switch to list view and choose the page where the comment has been posted. Comments are displayed like that:

Screenshot: Listview of comments in backend

You can click on the bulb to make the comment visible or click on the pencil to see/modify the comment's details.

Getting informed about new comments

pw_comments sends out an e-mail notification for each new comment. The default e-mail template contains a back end link to the comment details. This requires a valid back end session.

Inform your users

It is also possible to send mails to comment authors themselves when:
  • a new comment has been written
  • a moderated comment has been published

Known problems / Troubleshooter

fe_user not found

If you work with registred users, they will need a special property set in order to be recognized by Extbase. The following extension explains which field that is and sets it to default: Extension 'fe_users_default_extbase_type'

--- [eof]

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