Project status

Currently, the Semantic group is a sleeping beauty! We went into an idle state since last August mainly due to a lack of time of its members... We shortly talked during the last Developer Days 2012 that we should re-animate the group, at least towards an "educational" direction.

We made, though, slow progress, essentially pushed by Thomas Maroschik. Extension Identity - which brings UUID in TYPO3 - has been released on the TER which is part of the Semantic Web technology.

One of the next step, is the implementation of an API enabling to query a triple store. In this effort, Thomas Maroschik started to adapt the Erfurt libraries to suit our (TYPO3) needs.

Regarding Taxonomy, Fabien Udriot did some development towards UI programming but stopped after the decision to "drop" ExtJS as a main JS Framework in favour of something else. Back to that time, it wasn't clear what would be its successor.

Project description

Global *S*emantic *C*ategory, *O*ntology, *T*ag and *T*axonomy S*y*stem aiming to bring Semantic technologies inside TYPO3. As the Semantic scope is very large, SCOTTY can been seen as the umbrella project for all Semantic activities around the TYPO3 project.

Currently, we have theses projects evolving in small and incremental steps:

  • Identity : which brings UUID in TYPO3 v4. example of UUID: 550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000
  • Semantic : the Query part enabling SPARQL requests - currently using Erfurt Library as API
  • Taxonomy : which brings a User Interface to classify and categorize elements

We have a meeting every two weeks on Tuesday which takes place on IRC for enabling everyone who is interested to join

Our Minutes are put on the Wiki

Also, we have a Mailing List to ease the communication. That would be the right spot to get in touch with our team.

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Fabien Udriot (fab1en)
Jo Hasenau (cybercraft)
Jochen Rau (jocrau)
Thomas Maroschik (tmaroschik)


Sebastian Kreideweiß (kreideweiss)
Stefano Cecere (stefano)

Inactive Member

Christian Nölle (-christian)
Dan Osipov (dosipov)
Lieuwe Hummel (lieuwehummel)
Lina Wolf (linawolf)
Marcel Remmy (marcelremmy)
Michiel Roos (tuurlijk)
Rik Willems (actiview)