thoughts for SCOTTY backend interfaces

those mockus just show one style how the SCOTTY Project could integrate into existing and new TYPO3 installations. not so much design stuff but more like, what use case could be satisfied in which way

Tags, Categories and other meta-informational stuff should be made possible by SCOTTY. All those are handled as Relations. Relations are organized in Sets. Every Page, every News Record, every blog entry should be relatable to something else in the same system (maybe configurable by TS which element-type is relatable to what types)

New SCOTTY module

draft overview for two approaches that can exist next to each other

SCOTTY Relations -- Tree based view

SCOTTY Relations -- Cloud based view

Integration in "Page Properties" (as an example)

same could count for content elements, news, products, blogs, comments and so on

Idea for an Info>SCOTTY Relations module

make a fast overview possible for Admins and Rels admins.

possible Import/Export view

mockup link

as the discussion got a whole new direction, those mockups seem to obsolete. feel free to play around with them anway

2._SCOTTY_Backend_Module__Rel_.png View - SCOTTY Main Module -- Relation Editing (50.6 KB) Marcel Remmy, 2010-07-02 15:20

3._SCOTTY_Backend_Module__Set_.png View - SCOTTY Main Module -- Set Editing (50.6 KB) Marcel Remmy, 2010-07-02 15:20