What use cases do exist with Relations in total

Roles defs:


Administrator (TYPO3 admin)

  • manage relation access
  • allow/deny attributes
  • allow/deny relations/sets for users/groups
  • setup "Types" / change "Types"
  • import/export relations/sets

+ rights from the Rels admin

Relations Manager (Rels admin)

  • create/edit/delete relation sets
  • re-map doublette relations
  • lock relations/sets so no new items can be added
  • flag root set (main parent)

if this role is needed (maybe activated as workflow)

+ rights from the Editor


  • create relation
  • edit relation
  • delete relation
  • map related items (item <-> item)
  • list all "allowed" relations (access to relations, not to items)



  • view page and maybe relations titles (aka Tags, Category, Items...)

Authenticated User

  • add new relations (aka Tags, Category, Items...)
  • in some case "weight" the relations itself (by click count, or by dis/like-action)

+ rights from the User