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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Category Target version Has patch
65684BugNewShould haveCould not acquire lock for ClassLoader cache creationSebastian HeuerNo
65424BugUnder ReviewShould haveSelectViewHelper must respect option(Value|Label)Field for arraysViewHelpersNo
64842FeatureNewCould haveValidation of Property should also happen before Property Mapping.No
64342BugNewShould haveResourceManager->deleteResource() leaves database entry
62740BugNewShould haveAdd check on literal in TypeHandlingUtility::isCollectionTypeUtilityNo
62346FeatureNewCould havef:comment should have high precendeCore3.xNo
62292Major FeatureNewShould haveSupport for entity translationI18n2.xNo
62009BugNewShould haveRewrite URI Filename could be empty
61043TaskNewShould haveRename ClassSchema to ModelSchemaReflectionNo
60856BugNewMust haveTarget attribute not supported by the form viewhelperViewHelpersYes
60271FeatureNewShould havePaginate viewhelper, should also support arraysNo
60181FeatureNewCould haveCaching mechanism for Fluid Views/TemplatesViewNo
60095FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveLockManager's LockHoldingStackPage should be configurableConfigurationNo
60003FeatureNewShould haveAdd required-Attribute to f:form.passwordViewHelpersNo
59878BugNewMust haveTYPO3\Flow\Core\Booting\Exception\SubProcessException thrown in file Scripts.php- Error Handler Report -1.1.1No
59858BugNewMust haveProperty <Path>\CoffeeBean::$Persistence_Object_Identifier does not exist2.x
59747BugNewShould haveTYPO3\Flow\Error\Exception thrown in file ErrorHandler.phpNo
59672FeatureUnder ReviewShould haveAdd support for Doctrine 2.5 embeddablesAlexander BerlPersistenceNo
59442BugUnder ReviewShould haveComposite primary keys including foreign entity don't workPersistenceNo
59366BugUnder ReviewShould havefix* lifecycle callbacks should not be registered for unproxied entitiesPersistenceNo
59357BugNewShould haveUsing the PackageManager directly instead of the Interface results in unexpected behaviorNo
59322BugNewShould haveMssing field exception should show missing migrations as wellPersistenceNo
59244FeatureNewShould haveMessage or Container needs contextNo
59140BugNew-- undefined --TYPO3\Flow\Error\Exception thrown in file ErrorHandler.php- Error Handler Report -No
59084BugNewShould haveif 403 Exception show reasonNo
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