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59442 Under Review Should have Composite primary keys including foreign entity don't work Persistence TYPO3.Flow Actions
52536 Under Review Should have Errorclass not set if no property-attribute set TYPO3.Fluid Actions
55306 Under Review Should have Filenames should not exceed 255 characters Christian Müller TYPO3.Flow Actions
59366 Under Review Should have fix* lifecycle callbacks should not be registered for unproxied entities Persistence TYPO3.Flow Actions
58193 Under Review Should have Forward-port changelogs to master branch Karsten Dambekalns TYPO3.Flow Actions
48596 Under Review Should have IgnoredTags configuration should be easier to configure from packages Alexander Berl Configuration TYPO3.Flow Actions
55008 Under Review Should have Interceptors should be used in Partials Christian Müller TYPO3.Fluid Actions
48532 Under Review Should have JsonView Configuration behaves differently for arrays and objects Alexander Berl MVC TYPO3.Flow Actions
40998 Under Review Should have Missing parent request namespaces in form field name prefix Sebastian Kurfuerst ViewHelpers 1.1.1 TYPO3.Fluid Actions
45413 Under Review Should have Overriding boolean properties using Objects.yaml is broken TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Actions
53806 Under Review Should have Paginate widget maximumNumberOfLinks rendering wrong number of links Bastian Waidelich Widgets TYPO3.Fluid Actions
37292 Under Review Should have PropertyMappingConfiguration::mapUnknownProperties is not passed down to Subconfiguration Sebastian Kurfuerst Property TYPO3.Flow Actions
34682 Under Review Should have Radio Button missing checked on validation error ViewHelpers TYPO3.Fluid Actions
47325 Under Review Should have ReflectionData and classSchema caches need not be freezable Reflection 2.0.1 TYPO3.Flow Actions
46244 Under Review Should have Remove call to PHP_BINDIR in CoreCommandController TYPO3 Flow Base Distribution Actions
46073 Under Review Should have Scripts::executeCommand must be usable outsite of TYPO3.Flow TYPO3.Flow Actions
65424 Under Review Should have SelectViewHelper must respect option(Value|Label)Field for arrays ViewHelpers TYPO3.Fluid Actions
44234 Under Review Should have selectViewHelper's sorting does not respect locale collation ViewHelpers 2.1 TYPO3.Fluid Actions
49011 Under Review Should have Support executing TYPO3.Flow inside a PHAR TYPO3.Flow Actions
47006 Under Review Should have widget identifier are not unique TYPO3.Fluid Actions
50888 Under Review Should have WSOD by changing name of section and if Fluid caches are generated TYPO3.Fluid Actions
51239 Under Review Must have AbstractViewHelper use incorrect method signature for "$this->systemLogger->log()" Adrian Föder Core TYPO3.Fluid Actions
31500 Under Review Must have Argument validation for CLI requests is not done Karsten Dambekalns Validation TYPO3.Flow Actions
51809 Under Review Must have Commit "[BUGFIX] Published resources don't support symlinks" produces an fatal error on Windows Adrian Föder Core 2.0.1 TYPO3.Flow Actions
43621 Under Review Must have Composer installer overwrites Settings.yaml.example Karsten Dambekalns TYPO3.Flow Actions
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