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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
39790 Feature New Should have Allow forward slashes where backslashes need to be specified Actions
40081 Feature New Should have Allow assigned variables as keys in arrays No Actions
40824 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Modified action controller methods not detected properly Andreas Förthner No Actions
41508 Task Under Review Should have Replace Jasmine by Buster.js Actions
41533 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Ignored object-validation in editAction when redirecting back from updateAction No Actions
41727 Bug Accepted Should have @Flow\Identity and @ORM\InheritanceType("JOINED") can't be used together Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
41843 Bug New Should have Composer and rename issues (umbrella issue) Actions
42240 Task New Should have Make Eel usable outside of TYPO3 Flow Actions
42397 Feature New Should have Missing viewhelper for general links No Actions
42407 Story New Should have Asset Management 2.1 Actions
42550 Task Under Review Should have Add top-level .htaccess to block everything but Web Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
42743 Task New Should have Remove inline style for hidden form fields No Actions
43071 Task New Should have Remove TOKENS for adding fallback teplates in B No Actions
43082 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Add CLI support for scaffolding models, views, controller No Actions
43424 Feature Under Review Should have Support subpackage when kickstarting model & repository Karsten Dambekalns 2.0.1 Actions
43572 Feature New Should have Uri should support manipulation of query arguments No Actions
43841 Feature New Should have Add package support to validation errors No Actions
43930 Task Needs Feedback Should have Remove canRender() completely?! Sebastian Kurfuerst No Actions
43947 Bug New Should have Redirect to login after Session timeout No Actions
44078 Task New Should have Probably false behavior in symlinked environment Actions
44123 Feature New Should have Make the "Flow requires the PHP setting "date.timezone"" error more beautiful No Actions
44148 Bug New Should have Documentation for executeCommand() needs clarification 2.0.1 No Actions
44684 Bug New Should have Authorization header redirect in .htaccess strips the Basic-prefix Actions
45100 Feature Under Review Should have RequestDispatchingAspect should check if entry point can handle current request Christopher Hlubek Actions
45153 Feature New Should have f:be.menus.actionMenuItem - Detection of the current select option is insufficient No Actions
45164 Feature Accepted Should have Define syntax for validation rules in YAML Karsten Dambekalns Actions
45272 Bug New Should have Related Value Objects get deleted by default cascading No Actions
45345 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Easy to use comments for fluid that won't show in output Actions
45413 Bug Under Review Should have Overriding boolean properties using Objects.yaml is broken Actions
45669 Bug New Should have PersistentObjectConverter does not convert ValueObjects by __identity No Actions
46073 Bug Under Review Should have Scripts::executeCommand must be usable outsite of TYPO3.Flow No Actions
46091 Task Needs Feedback Should have Show source file name and position on exceptions during parsing No Actions
46244 Bug Under Review Should have Remove call to PHP_BINDIR in CoreCommandController Actions
46371 Feature New Should have Support compilation of static information in proxy classes Christopher Hlubek No Actions
46545 Feature New Should have Better support for arrays in options of SelectViewHelper No Actions
46910 Feature New Should have Composer integration - PackageStates.php No Actions
47006 Bug Under Review Should have widget identifier are not unique No Actions
47052 Bug New Should have Clear doctrine caches after migration applied Actions
47236 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Error at offset 6279 of 6338 No Actions
47601 Bug New Should have Template Path of Submodules contains lowercase Namespace Actions
47637 Bug New Should have Property with @ORM\Column(nullable=true,type="decimal",scale=2) results as type "string" in Collection Objects and not as expected as "double" Actions
47638 Bug New Should have Delete a ValueObject by its identity Actions
47669 Task New Should have FormViewHelper does not define the default request method No Actions
48296 Task Needs Feedback Should have Missing method in ExceptionHandlerInterface No Actions
48429 Bug New Should have Remove- and update-actions on repository are not persisted No Actions
48430 Bug New Should have Default validator-messages are not correctly formatted No Actions
48657 Feature Under Review Should have support HTTP_RANGE No Actions
49011 Bug Under Review Should have Support executing TYPO3.Flow inside a PHAR No Actions
49372 Bug New Should have ObjectConverter ignores implemented interface when mapping subtype No Actions
49756 Feature Under Review Should have Select values by array key in checkbox viewhelper No Actions
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