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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
47404 Feature New Could have AOP Add getters and setters methods for introduced properties No Actions
47339 Feature Needs Feedback Could have Http Allow RequestHandlers to get the current Request injected Alexander Berl No Actions
46050 Feature New Could have Log To decouple log file writing at Logger->logException No Actions
45851 Feature Needs Feedback Could have Allow referencing environment variables in Settings.yaml Adrian Föder No Actions
45640 Bug New Could have Persistence Every relation is set to cascade=all if the related entity is no aggregate root No Actions
45611 Bug New Could have Security Destruction of session after logout should be configurable No Actions
45386 Bug New Could have Package::buildArrayOfClassFiles tries to determine class names from file paths No Actions
40418 Feature Needs Feedback Could have Session Add an option to flow3:cache:flush thats keeps user sessions active No Actions
39788 Feature New Could have Validation RFC: Repository based NotExistsValidator No Actions
38222 Feature New Could have Core Step execution signals with concrete name No Actions
37885 Feature New Could have Cli Add CLI to show the object-configuration for a FLOW3 object-name Martin Ficzel No Actions
37831 Task New Could have - Testing - Evaluate using PHP 5.4's internal web server for Functional Testing No Actions
35388 Feature New Could have I18n Use the current package as default for translations within controllers No Actions
34309 Task New Could have ViewHelpers Unknown ViewHelpers cause exception - should be handled more graceful No Actions
34133 Feature New Could have Property RFC: Handle Semicolons in Path part of URIs as Scoped Path Parameters No Actions
33049 Feature New Could have Core Allow configuration of context without environment variable (needed for IIS) No Actions
31484 Feature Needs Feedback Could have possibility to modify inner workings of proxy class builder No Actions
31339 Task On Hold Could have - Documentation - Search No Actions
30555 Feature New Could have Core Make TagBuilder more extensible No Actions
27561 Task Accepted Could have - Documentation - Complete documentation No Actions
10472 Feature New Could have Core Fluid Standalone distribution No Actions
8989 Feature Needs Feedback Could have View Search path for fluid template files No Actions
8923 Task Under Review Could have - Documentation - Provide a Nginx Server Configuration for FLOW3 Christian Müller 1.1.1 No Actions
3725 Feature New Could have ViewHelpers CSS Engine Christian Müller No Actions
48355 Feature New Could have Assign output of viewhelper to template variable for further processing. Actions
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