Hierarchical Issues

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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
45394 Task New Should have View Forwardport Unit test for standalone view No Actions
33308 Task New Should have General date and time handling rules Actions
35709 Task New Should have Cli Implement global Command aliases No Actions
50382 Task New Should have Command Impossible to use arguments in CLI that are added by overriding initializeCommandMethodArguments() No Actions
41832 Task New Should have Package Improve error handling for incompatible packages Christian Jul Jensen No Actions
46009 Task New Should have Persistence Improve error message for missing class in Flow annotation driver No Actions
36840 Task Accepted Should have I18n Improve exception for wrong locales Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
32035 Task New Should have Core Improve fluid error messages Yes Actions
35970 Task New Should have Improve performance of Utility/Arrays::integerExplode by using array_map No Actions
51530 Task New Should have Improve speed of Files::readDirectoryRecursively using RecursiveDirectoryIterator? No Actions
56237 Task New Should have in-line (Condition)ViewHelpers should not evaluate on parsing No Actions
41807 Task Under Review Should have Persistence Initialize the eventmanager in the EntityManagerInterface No Actions
6601 Task On Hold Could have Security Introduce a new roles definition syntax including runtime constraints Andreas Förthner Actions
8491 Task Needs Feedback Should have ViewHelpers link.action and uri.action differ in absolute argument Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
47859 Task Accepted Should have Security Logging: Do not log all decisions in \TYPO3\Flow\Security\Aspect\LoggingAspect Robert Lemke No Actions
44375 Task Accepted Should have Persistence Make all persistence reads go through repositories Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
33069 Task New Should have Command Make command output sparse, implement generic verbose switch No Actions
42240 Task New Should have Make Eel usable outside of TYPO3 Flow Actions
26658 Task New Won't have this time ViewHelpers Make Form ViewHelpers consistent No Actions
44542 Task New Should have - Documentation - Mention the risk of requestPatterns regarding foreign package's SecurityContext usage Adrian Föder No Actions
48296 Task Needs Feedback Should have Missing method in ExceptionHandlerInterface No Actions
44396 Task Accepted Should have Persistence Move Doctrine ORM integration onto own namespace Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
44078 Task New Should have Probably false behavior in symlinked environment Actions
38038 Task Accepted Should have - Documentation - Proofread FLOW3 manual Ryan J. Peterson No Actions
29202 Task New Should have - Documentation - Provide a Cherokee Server Configuration for FLOW3 Actions
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