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37352 Under Review Must have generateValueHash() should use getIdentifierByObject() Karsten Dambekalns Persistence TYPO3.Flow Actions
31500 Under Review Must have Argument validation for CLI requests is not done Karsten Dambekalns Validation TYPO3.Flow Actions
59057 Under Review Must have Hidden empty value fields shoud be disabled when related field is disabled Bastian Waidelich ViewHelpers TYPO3.Fluid Actions
51239 Under Review Must have AbstractViewHelper use incorrect method signature for "$this->systemLogger->log()" Adrian Föder Core TYPO3.Fluid Actions
51809 Under Review Must have Commit "[BUGFIX] Published resources don't support symlinks" produces an fatal error on Windows Adrian Föder Core 2.0.1 TYPO3.Flow Actions
42601 Under Review Must have Content Security: QOM rewriting is omitted if used in certain cases in an Action Controller Robert Lemke Security 2.0.1 TYPO3.Flow Actions
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55793 Under Review Could have Add Support for groupBy Kerstin Huppenbauer Persistence TYPO3.Flow Actions
60095 Under Review Should have LockManager's LockHoldingStackPage should be configurable Configuration TYPO3.Flow Actions
59672 Under Review Should have Add support for Doctrine 2.5 embeddables Alexander Berl Persistence TYPO3.Flow Actions
54037 Under Review Should have JsonView accepts encoding options MVC TYPO3.Flow Actions
51676 Under Review Should have Support of symlinks for Resources Resource TYPO3.Flow Actions
48657 Under Review Should have support HTTP_RANGE TYPO3.Flow Actions
47191 Under Review Should have Make (property) Validators aware of parent class and the property they belong to Validation TYPO3.Flow Actions
45100 Under Review Should have RequestDispatchingAspect should check if entry point can handle current request Christopher Hlubek TYPO3.Flow Actions
37405 Under Review Should have When changing a property wich is used in routing the Link-VH should direkt to the new properties value MVC - Routing TYPO3.Flow Actions
37373 Under Review Should have Make annotation overrides / "injection" via Objects.yaml possible Marc Neuhaus Configuration TYPO3.Flow Actions
35030 Under Review Should have Dynamic locale detection Karsten Dambekalns I18n TYPO3.Flow Actions
29972 Under Review Should have Configurable Redirects Tim Kandel MVC - Routing TYPO3.Flow Actions
52640 Under Review Should have Create an UnlessViewHelper as opposite to the IfViewHelper Marc Neuhaus TYPO3.Fluid Actions
49756 Under Review Should have Select values by array key in checkbox viewhelper TYPO3.Fluid Actions
46257 Under Review Should have Add escape sequence support for Fluid Core TYPO3.Fluid Actions
43424 Under Review Should have Support subpackage when kickstarting model & repository Karsten Dambekalns 2.0.1 TYPO3.Kickstart Actions
43346 Under Review Should have Allow property mapping configuration via template Karsten Dambekalns ViewHelpers 2.1 TYPO3.Fluid Actions
50115 Under Review Must have During the policy loading, we need to take care if class exist Dominique Feyer Security TYPO3.Flow Actions
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8923 Under Review Could have Provide a Nginx Server Configuration for FLOW3 Christian Müller - Documentation - 1.1.1 TYPO3.Flow Actions
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