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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
43072 Task New Should have View Remove TOKENS for adding templates fallback in Backporter No Actions
46011 Task New Should have Validation Validate annotation with missing type should throw useful error No Actions
47859 Task Accepted Should have Security Logging: Do not log all decisions in \TYPO3\Flow\Security\Aspect\LoggingAspect Robert Lemke No Actions
45253 Task Accepted Must have Security Throw exception in PointcutMethodNameFilter if given method's argument does not match the actual method signature Christian Müller No Actions
44314 Task Accepted Must have Security slightly file permissions for .../Configuration/* and .../Data/Persistent/EncryptionKey Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
6601 Task On Hold Could have Security Introduce a new roles definition syntax including runtime constraints Andreas Förthner Actions
36800 Task Accepted Should have Resource Streamline Resource object API Robert Lemke No Actions
61043 Task New Should have Reflection Rename ClassSchema to ModelSchema No Actions
55953 Task New Could have Persistence Repair and streamline ValueObject support No Actions
46009 Task New Should have Persistence Improve error message for missing class in Flow annotation driver No Actions
44396 Task Accepted Should have Persistence Move Doctrine ORM integration onto own namespace Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
44375 Task Accepted Should have Persistence Make all persistence reads go through repositories Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
43993 Task New Should have Persistence Warn when no migrations are found at all during doctrine:migrate No Actions
41807 Task Under Review Should have Persistence Initialize the eventmanager in the EntityManagerInterface No Actions
41832 Task New Should have Package Improve error handling for incompatible packages Christian Jul Jensen No Actions
41414 Task Needs Feedback Should have Package Check packageKey naming / file structure below Packages/Vendor No Actions
25907 Task New Should have MVC Referrer should only contain the URI of the previous request Actions
49806 Task Accepted Should have I18n Date formatting should care about the time zone Adrian Föder No Actions
49025 Task Under Review Could have I18n Dynamic locale detection / determination Adrian Föder 2.1 No Actions
36840 Task Accepted Should have I18n Improve exception for wrong locales Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
44712 Task Accepted Should have Http Decouple Argument-Building in the HTTP-Request-Constructor No Actions
46425 Task Under Review Should have Core DI proxy classes use raw reflection instead of RelfectionService Christian Müller 2.0.1 No Actions
32035 Task New Should have Core Improve fluid error messages Yes Actions
50382 Task New Should have Command Impossible to use arguments in CLI that are added by overriding initializeCommandMethodArguments() No Actions
33069 Task New Should have Command Make command output sparse, implement generic verbose switch No Actions
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