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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
50130 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Different fallback for php.exe on windows Actions
50255 Bug New Should have Different collations runnig migrate/update Actions
50888 Bug Under Review Should have WSOD by changing name of section and if Fluid caches are generated No Actions
51183 Task New Should have CLI improvements Actions
51277 Feature New Should have ViewHelper context should be aware of actual file occurrence No Actions
51286 Task New Should have Custom error views should introduce a controller context somehow No Actions
51530 Task New Should have Improve speed of Files::readDirectoryRecursively using RecursiveDirectoryIterator? No Actions
51811 Bug New Should have Improve session handle when the authenticated account is removed from persitance Dominique Feyer Yes Actions
51972 Bug New Should have Joins for every deep property constraint make cartesian selection Adrian Föder Yes Actions
52280 Task Under Review Should have Throw Exception if there is an array in PSR-0 autoload Yes Actions
52419 Bug New Should have Wrong PHPDocs notation for default value inline f:translate viewhelper 2.0 No Actions
52430 Bug New Should have Cannot convert from UUID to auto-increment ID No Actions
52509 Bug New Should have Child-Object's Identifier get's lost on Form-Submission with Validation Error Actions
52526 Bug New Should have Unfinished programming of DateTime converter 2.0.1 Actions
52536 Bug Under Review Should have Errorclass not set if no property-attribute set Actions
52590 Feature New Should have Provide a way to get the Doctrine QueryBuilder No Actions
52591 Bug New Should have The Pagination Widget broken for joined objects No Actions
52640 Feature Under Review Should have Create an UnlessViewHelper as opposite to the IfViewHelper Marc Neuhaus No Actions
52938 Bug New Should have Resource stream wrapper doesn't work with foreign package Actions
52945 Bug New Should have Excluded classes should only be excluded from reflection but still autoloaded No Actions
53189 Bug New Should have Blog tutorial no longer works Philipp Maier No Actions
53961 Bug New Should have Composer installer scripts create a .Packages folder Actions
53971 Feature New Should have Login functionality Actions
54373 Task New Should have Rename Arrays::removeEmptyElementsRecursively to removeNullElementsRecursively Actions
54403 Bug New Should have Resources remade when parent record updated Actions
55008 Bug Under Review Should have Interceptors should be used in Partials Christian Müller No Actions
55306 Bug Under Review Should have Filenames should not exceed 255 characters Christian Müller No Actions
55831 Feature New Should have Different scenarios for session settings No Actions
55954 Bug New Should have Associations to ValueObjects should not be cascade all'd No Actions
55958 Task New Should have RFC: Use PHP 5.4 closure features for direct ObjectAccess No Actions
56036 Feature New Should have Optimize autoloading No Actions
56074 Bug New Should have Parse errors cause meaningless Flow exception messages. Adrian Föder 2.x Actions
56237 Task New Should have in-line (Condition)ViewHelpers should not evaluate on parsing No Actions
56486 Feature New Should have Optimize the ObjectManager for performance No Actions
56555 Bug New Should have Kickstart creates wrong labels in New.html Actions
56556 Feature New Should have support hasProperty and isProperty No Actions
56859 Bug New Should have PHP Warning: TYPO3_Flow_Error_Exception.php not present in Data/Temporary Actions
57763 Feature New Should have Allow controller / package / action as params in \TYPO3\Fluid\ViewHelpers\Form\ButtonViewHelper No Actions
57796 Bug New Should have XLIFF Fails if id === nodedata No Actions
58193 Bug Under Review Should have Forward-port changelogs to master branch Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
58408 Task New Should have Disable manualy persisting No Actions
58579 Feature New Should have Adding own environment constants to Flow 2.x No Actions
58744 Bug New Should have Can not split configuration in settings.yaml No Actions
58921 Bug New Should have f:form.* VHs crash if NOT inside f:form but followed by f:form No Actions
58976 Bug New Should have debug_backtrace Actions
58983 Bug New Should have format.date does not respect linebreaks and throws exception No Actions
58996 Bug New Should have ResourceManager adding to persistence No Actions
59019 Suggestion New Should have Add marker for lazyloaded properties to \TYPO3\Flow\var_dump Actions
59084 Bug New Should have if 403 Exception show reason No Actions
59244 Feature New Should have Message or Container needs context No Actions
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