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# Tracker Status Priority Category Subject Assignee Target version Has patch
30555 Feature New Could have Core Make TagBuilder more extensible No Actions
30890 Feature Accepted Should have MVC Developer Toolbar Christian Müller No Actions
30933 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Persistence Check for unique constraints on add() Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
30937 Bug New Should have ViewHelpers CropViewHelper stringToTruncate can't be supplied so it can't be easily extended Yes Actions
31002 Bug New Should have Reflection Generated __sleep method handles static properties as members. Actions
31210 Bug New Must have Object constructor of proxy class not compatible with interfaces defening a constructor No Actions
31261 Feature New Should have Object Virtual objects - generate proxy classes for interfaces No Actions
31262 Feature New Should have Object Named arguments in Objects.yaml for constructor arguments No Actions
31339 Task On Hold Could have - Documentation - Search No Actions
31484 Feature Needs Feedback Could have possibility to modify inner workings of proxy class builder No Actions
31500 Bug Under Review Must have Validation Argument validation for CLI requests is not done Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
31955 Feature New Should have Widgets f:uri.widget No Actions
32035 Task New Should have Core Improve fluid error messages Yes Actions
32105 Bug New Must have Security IgnoreValidation ignored if ACL is set for this controller action No Actions
32106 Feature Accepted Should have Property Support for Object source in PropertyMapper Yes Actions
32294 Feature New Should have Lazy initialization of loggers No Actions
32425 Bug Accepted Must have Security IpAddressRange methods not completly implemented Karsten Dambekalns Yes Actions
32574 Bug Accepted Should have Core FLOW3 enters fork bombs when using cgi-fcgi vs cli Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
32607 Feature Needs Feedback Should have I18n Export localized strings for JS consumption Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
32707 Bug Accepted Must have Cache Bad Bad FileBackend Karsten Dambekalns 2.0.1 No Actions
32869 Bug New Must have Security Security config tokenClass doesnt throw exception if not found the class No Actions
32873 Bug Accepted Must have Value changes for logged in account are not persisted due to session serialization Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
32985 Feature New Should have Utility Implement Processing Rules when merging numerically-indexed arrays No Actions
33018 Feature New Should have I18n Translator should support override of labels from other packages No Actions
33024 Bug Accepted Must have I18n Exception when validating a float in a Model with the Number validator Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
33049 Feature New Could have Core Allow configuration of context without environment variable (needed for IIS) No Actions
33055 Bug New Must have Security AccessDeniedException instead of WebRedirect No Actions
33069 Task New Should have Command Make command output sparse, implement generic verbose switch No Actions
33078 Bug New Should have Security No Redirect to Login No Actions
33215 Feature New Should have RFC: Dynamic values in ObjectAccess paths No Actions
33258 Major Feature Accepted Should have Implement support for Assetic No Actions
33293 Bug New Should have Injection to private variable results in injection of the the wrong class No Actions
33308 Task New Should have General date and time handling rules Actions
33394 Feature Needs Feedback Should have Core Logical expression parser for BooleanNode Tobias Liebig No Actions
33465 Bug New Should have Command Some vital commands to recover the system fail when recovery is needed No Actions
33551 Bug New Must have Core View helper values break out of a partial scope Sebastian Kurfuerst No Actions
33587 Feature New Should have Resource Automatically remove unused Resources No Actions
33628 Bug Needs Feedback Must have ViewHelpers Multicheckboxes (multiselect) for Collections don’t work Christian Müller No Actions
33710 Feature New Should have Configuration based on Domain No Actions
33937 Feature Accepted Should have Resource Convenience method to resolve public "resource://" paths Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
34133 Feature New Could have Property RFC: Handle Semicolons in Path part of URIs as Scoped Path Parameters No Actions
34134 Bug Needs Feedback Should have Property PropertyMapper throws unnecessary exception Christian Müller Yes Actions
34309 Task New Could have ViewHelpers Unknown ViewHelpers cause exception - should be handled more graceful No Actions
34404 Bug New Should have JsonView transformObject does not respect _descendAll configuration No Actions
34674 Feature Accepted Should have MVC NotFoundView is not injected in ActionController Robert Lemke No Actions
34682 Bug Under Review Should have ViewHelpers Radio Button missing checked on validation error No Actions
34816 Feature New Should have Security Long text encryption No Actions
34879 Bug Accepted Must have Persistence Proxied object is not update()able Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
35030 Feature Under Review Should have I18n Dynamic locale detection Karsten Dambekalns No Actions
35083 Bug New Should have Object involving SecurityContext in Widget's __wakeup situation leads to an exception No Actions
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